Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a girls gotta do to get out of kitty litter clean up!

Growing up, I was raised on the idea that a way to a guy's heart was through his stomach.  Of course I refused to learn to cook until I was on my own and forced to as a way of survival.

Over the years Captain Kid has shown an appreciation for the finer points of my culinary repertoire.  He appreciates the art of a homemade scalloped potato and he openly drools when I spend a Sunday making chicken and dumpling's from scratch.

So imagine my surprise when I realized yesterday that the true way to earn extra wife points was as easy as building him a new computer.  (I was going to say building him a new box, but I remembered all the dirty minded ladies who visit my blog, and know they would take that in the wrong context.  You know who you are!)

Yesterday a new computer was delivered and Captain Kid spent the evening putting it together.   I was not invited into the man cave to witness said build, but I did get to stand by the door and watch him bask in  obvious enjoyment. 

He did come out long enough to share a simple meal with me of spaghetti and meat sauce all the while rhapsodizing over arrays and processors.  Once he scarfed down his dinner he sat on his hands, bouncing up and down waiting to be excused.  No, I am not his mom, but our deal for kitchen duty is quite clear.  If I cook he cleans.  I cooked. 

Of course I took mercy on him.  I sent him back to his cave with my blessing while I spent the next five hours cleaning up the kitchen, doing a pass through on the living room, updating my blog, changing out a load of laundry, coloring my hair and getting my 1000 words down on paper.  When I finally came up for air I realized it was past my bed time and I hadn't heard a peep from him.  Should I check? 

Of course I should.  Something was clearly wrong.  I moved quite stealth like to the door, just in case and peeked around the corner.   Guess what?  He was sitting at his desk, all of the lights turned on, grinning like a loon at his new toy.  When he glanced over his shoulder and saw me he jumped up, rushed over and gave me a bear hug all the while chanting "You are the best wife, ever!" 

I am so getting a free pass on cleaning out the litter box for the next six months.

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