Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confessions of a Super Hero

You didn't know I had a superpower did you?  

Well I do. 

Or at least I do when it comes to this household.  

My superpower is...

Drum Roll Please.

I can make my husbands stress completely disappear.  No I am not talking about the S-E-X, but that does work too.  What I am talking about is my ability to soothe him when he gets all riled up about something work-home-marina-truckdealership-work related.  

You get the idea. 

Last week was a little stressful for him which translated means - it was a little stressful for me too.  And while normally I am great at jumping on the drums and banging out the beat that makes him feel better, for whatever reason, last week I just couldn't find my red cape.

That really sucked for him, but than it got me thinking what would have happened if Superman had lost his ability to fly?  

As with any good super hero story they always get their powers back at the last minute and swoop in to save the day.  Because that's what super hero's do.  Of course their moral code won't let them quit, even when it seems as if the deck is stacked against them.

Yeah it's great if you can fly, and sometimes my husband really does make me feel like I can, but on the days I can't, well that's okay too.

That is kind of how the writing goes sometimes.  Some day's my cape fits spectacularly and other days I feel as if I left it at the dry cleaner's.  

Thankfully I don't let the feeling of inadequacy keep me from writing.  Or the fact that I can't find my cape.  I keep plugging away, even knowing that it may all be for naught.  Which just means it's probably going to suck major lemons.

Normally I am right.  Most times there isn't anything worth keeping when I go back the next day and do my review, but sometimes, sometimes I get lucky and realize that like any other super hero it isn't all about the costume.  

The real power, the power that keeps me in my super hero status has more to do with my ability to never quit than with the cut of my cape.  Although, according to Captain Kid, he insists the cape is optional.

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