Friday, May 21, 2010

Triumph over the Trikke

I had a totally different blog post already drafted for tonight.  I had worked on it when I got home from work and was feeling pretty good about it.

We stopped to have some dinner.  I whipped up some fajitas and spent some quality time with Captain Kid.  After we settled for a while we decided we needed to get ourselves out side and get our trikke on.  

If you weren't already aware of it, my previous encounters with my trikke have not left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.  I have tried day after day (weather permitting) to master this torturous device.

My husband mastered this thing the very first night and if I wasn't madly in love with him I would absolute hate him for his athletic prowess.  (Note to self: athletic prowess is not cultivated by sitting behind your laptop writing.)  Instead I just envy him his innate ability to take on any new athletic challenge and master it quickly.

But that is all behind me now.  Tonight.  (Deep breathe.)  Tonight I found the sweet spot.  Not only did I find it, I mastered it.  I mastered it AND I mastered it well.  I finally learned what everyone meant when they said "trust the lean". 

But what I really learned tonight was through all the frustration as long as I kept trikkeing it would eventually happen.  And guess what?  It did.  My self awareness morphed like this, when it comes to my writing, as long as I just keep writing, eventually it will happen.  So that is what I am going to do and one day soon I hope you get to read the post when I can proclaim I am now the wizard of the words.  I might as well dream big.  Right?


Anonymous said...

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. @MISSISSIPPI2020 is fast approaching his 1000 miles traveled in a personal Millinium. No marching bands will be present, just one tired TRIKKER who will have covered a thousand miles and joined other kindred spirits (such as your hubby LOL) who have mastered the beast. I wish you luck and hope that you have a few miles under your belt by now. TRIKKE on and God speed!

Twitter: @MISSISSIPPI2020

Kelly Breakey said...

Hey I am so trying. I have pushed myself past the point of no return on many occasions. We have not started to keep track of the miles we have logged in but that is a great idea and one I will institute immediately.

Thanks for the post.