Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sweet New Ride...

Recently, I have started a new career.  

Can I just share with you guys how happy I am that sometimes prayers do go unanswered.

Anyway,  since starting this new position I have been crazy busy.  So busy I can hardly keep my eyes open after eight o'clock each night.  (Why I have been neglecting this lovely blog.)  I don't remember a time when I have been so challenged with something, but challenged in a good way.

One of the greatest things to come from this new endeavor is my sweet new ride.

I have wanted a Mini for about three years.  While working from home I just couldn't justify the cost of an extra vehicle when we really didn't have a need.

Now I can justify it.  The Captain was okay with me driving his truck when I was only going a few miles a day.  But suddenly, I was commuting again.  

Off we went car shopping.  In all fairness I test drove a ton of stuff.  It was only logical.  Even though at the end of the day I was hooked on the idea of a cooper.  

Saving my favorite for last, I had no intention of getting anything on this day.  But alas, the cooper was too hypnotizing.  Sort of like when I bought my first iPad.  

Meet Sheldon.

Isn't he a beaut?  Plus it's a convertible, which I thought I would never want.  One drive and I was hooked.  

Of course I named him Sheldon.  He is a Cooper after all.  It was only logical. 

I took possession July 5.  The weather didn't cooperate, so I have been unable to partake of the joy of driving with the top down.  Today I might have had the opportunity, but in a moment of weakness I offered to let the hubs have him for the next two days.  He has driven to a resort town close by to hang out with some friends.  Yes, he is on vacation.  

If nothing else, I should win wife of the year for this.  

So, what do you think of Sheldon?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Men...they say the funniest things

It's been a while since I posted.  

I know.  I am ashamed.  (Not really, but for the five of you that visit my blog daily I apologize.)

But yesterday at dinner the hubs said something so funny to me I knew I needed to sit down and tell you all about it.

Recently a co-worker of his just returned from vacation.  Yesterday.  He returned yesterday.  He and his wife took a whirlwind tour of Ireland via their multiple bread and breakfasts.

When the Captain mentioned that his friend had returned I asked quite excitedly how they enjoyed their  trip.  

So just stop and ask yourself this.  If you had just returned from a trip to Ireland what would you be talking about?  Me, I would probably talk about how green it is.  How beautiful.  How unspoiled.  Stonehenge.  The pubs.  The craggy cliffs.  The leprechauns.  The fairies.  The hot guys with those delicious accents.  

Lots of stuff to speak about. 

So imagine my surprise when our conversation when something like this."

Hubs:  "Co-worker's just returned from vacation today."

Me.  "Did they enjoy it?"

Hubs:  "Yeah, but there was one thing that was kind of a downer."

Me:  Really interested.  "Really, what?"

Hubs:  "They had to pay to watch TV!"  He was indignant.

I sat there totally thrown for a loop.  TV?  Really?  That was the bummer?  

Me:  "Who goes to Ireland to watch TV?"

Hubs:  Blank stare.

Me:  "Seriously, he was in Ireland.  IRELAND!"

Hubs:  "It's a guy thing."

Me:  "Obviously."

These are the kinds of conversations we have.  It's a good thing I love this man.  

Yes, really.  

P.S. We are never, ever, ever, ever, going to Ireland to watch TV.  He was a little disappointed.