Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sweet New Ride...

Recently, I have started a new career.  

Can I just share with you guys how happy I am that sometimes prayers do go unanswered.

Anyway,  since starting this new position I have been crazy busy.  So busy I can hardly keep my eyes open after eight o'clock each night.  (Why I have been neglecting this lovely blog.)  I don't remember a time when I have been so challenged with something, but challenged in a good way.

One of the greatest things to come from this new endeavor is my sweet new ride.

I have wanted a Mini for about three years.  While working from home I just couldn't justify the cost of an extra vehicle when we really didn't have a need.

Now I can justify it.  The Captain was okay with me driving his truck when I was only going a few miles a day.  But suddenly, I was commuting again.  

Off we went car shopping.  In all fairness I test drove a ton of stuff.  It was only logical.  Even though at the end of the day I was hooked on the idea of a cooper.  

Saving my favorite for last, I had no intention of getting anything on this day.  But alas, the cooper was too hypnotizing.  Sort of like when I bought my first iPad.  

Meet Sheldon.

Isn't he a beaut?  Plus it's a convertible, which I thought I would never want.  One drive and I was hooked.  

Of course I named him Sheldon.  He is a Cooper after all.  It was only logical. 

I took possession July 5.  The weather didn't cooperate, so I have been unable to partake of the joy of driving with the top down.  Today I might have had the opportunity, but in a moment of weakness I offered to let the hubs have him for the next two days.  He has driven to a resort town close by to hang out with some friends.  Yes, he is on vacation.  

If nothing else, I should win wife of the year for this.  

So, what do you think of Sheldon?


Linda G. said...

I love Sheldon! Perfect name for a Mini Cooper. :)

Rigoberto Axelson said...

Sheldon looks gorgeous! It seems like you've been wishing to have this car to be yours, and finally you have it! Congratulations!

Rigoberto Axelson @ BrandonDodgeOnBroadWay