Friday, April 29, 2011

Perspective: It's all about geography

Isn't is funny how geography can change how you view the day.

Today in London people are lining the streets to catch a glimpse of a future King and Queen.  Wait, will she be queen if his crowned King?  Can she be?  I don't know.  

In Japan people are still dealing with the effects of the Tsunami that stuck over a month ago.  A month.  And they are still reeling from the loss and catastrophic effects.

In Florida I am sitting in my office, smiling because I can see the breeze blowing and my new palm tree is settling in nicely to his new home.  It's an awesome day out.  One of those days where the sky is so blue it hurts to look at it and the humidity is non existent so even when I don't where my good sunglasses I can still everything so crisp and clear.

In Northern  Alabama, the Captain, my wonderful loving husband has gone to help in the relief efforts for all of the folks who were hit by those tornadoes from the other day.  

An F-4 made its way through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia before finally giving up the fight.  But in its wake it left a path of death and destruction.  A 400 mile mess that even now, shell shocked survivors, are doing their best to wade through.  

So as half the world watches the Royal wedding (yes I will be one of them, I have my DVR set to record right now.  I am a writer, I get my inspiration from all kinds of places) take a moment to remember the folks who could care less that the future king of England is getting married today.

And remember, even if life hands you a few lemons this weekend.  It's much better to end up with the makings for lemonade than to end up with whatever a tsunami or tornado can throw your way.  Just saying.

Happy Friday all...and have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eye Candy can make a girl feel better

Lately I have misplaced my writing mojo.  I don't know where it went.  I had it last week, I swear.  

But this week, nada.

I have looked everywhere for it.  But inspiration has deserted me.

So I find myself getting lost in the later episodes of JAG because, well,  David James Elliot, need I say more?  And sighing.  A lot.  I forgot how freaking well he filled out that Navy uniform.  Makes a girl miss the old days that's for sure.  

No, I still haven't found the missing mojo-YET-but I have high hopes.

So in the meantime I will finish this series out and move on to the first episodes of NCIS because, well, Mark Harmon of course.

But make sure you check out Karla's next installment of F&G and pray that a little divine inspiration strikes me.  And soon.

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing again, when it seems the well has run dry?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Blogirthday

Today I turn one.  

I know, its amazing.  

I think I am pretty grown for only turning one.  I know, you are asking yourself, what do you have to show for it.  

For starters, I got this pretty new dress.  Since my inception I have changed my looks drastically three times.  The first one we were pretty happy with.  But then I went through my dark days.  Yep, I went a little goth.  But now, as you can see, I have a new look and so far we are thinking of sticking with it.

When I was started this journey, the gal who fills me up daily, had no idea what she was going to write about and some days she still doesn't.  But just like the guy in Field of Dreams, she believes, if she keeps writing, someone will come.

Maybe not everyday, but you always seem to show up for the good ones.  So we have high hopes of continuing.  Well, we think we are going to continue.  We hope to continue?  At this point I don't know.  I am still struggling with what I want this blog to represent.  Right now, I feel like the Seinfeld of Blogs.  You know the one about nothing at all?

So to you faithful readers, all three of you.  We say thanks for making this past year a great one and we look forward to the next.  Hopefully by this time next year we will have a found a focus.  If not, I guess I will be okay with being the blog that really has nothing to say.

Oh, and if you want to send gifts, we appreciate cash.  Hello! Momma needs some new shoes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Heart Reading

I have been on a reading kick lately.

Not a little one either.  Reading has been like crack for me.  I have been telling myself for days that I can stop whenever I want to but it's just not true.  Like any addict I rush through my drug of choice, or in this case my book of choice, feeling the words work their magic as it seemingly takes me higher and higher.  Once the book is done I sit in the glow of the aftermath, rehashing the salient points in my own mind.  What I liked, what I didn't.  

As my heart beat returns to normal and I come face to face with the fact that the book is indeed over, I start to frantically search for where my next fix will come from.  I race to the book room to see if there are any hidden gems that I may have previously missed.  As if.  Please, I know every book in that room and any that I had put aside for a rainy day have long since been devoured.

Then I will review my digital finds to see if I have maybe overlooked something I had downloaded.  It's always the same.  Nada.  Next I will log in and see what has been newly released.  If one of my favorite authors has put out a new book, I am a goner.  I know I am looking at my next momentary high. 

The one thing that digital media is doing for me is reacquainting me with some authors earlier works that I had never read before.  Case in point.  Kathryn Shay is one of my favorite authors.  Her stories are believable, her characters are people I want to know.  Her books a weighty and satisfying.  There were some titles I never got around to getting because they were out of print when I first discovered her.  But recently with the jump in digital media, her earlier works are becoming available and are fueling my addiction.  

So tell me, what have you been getting just a little bit too much of lately?

Monday, April 25, 2011

I still learn new things everyday

Most of you guys know I have been married for twenty years.  My husband is amazing.  He is warm and generous and his sense of humor is wicked smart.  And he still has the power to surprise me.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and our day was awesome.  In fact our whole weekend was pretty spectacular.  We rested and relaxed.  And we capped yesterday off with a crab feast that was delicious.  After the party broke up and we got home we were pretty much spent.  (What?  Relaxing is hard work.)  But it was too early for bed so we decided to watch a movie.  I selected four and let him choose.  My four included Star Trek (awesome), Forrest Gump (hello!), Independence Day (it really is more of a July 4 kind of flick) and E.T.

Imagine my surprise when he announced that he had never seen E.T.  I thought I had heard him incorrectly.  Not. Ever. Seen. E.T.  How was that possible?  I mean, really, what rock did he live under in 1982?  

So we snuggled up together and settled in to watch a classic that still thrills me.  Even after almost thirty years, this move stands the test of time.  Good news, the Captain laughed in all the right places.  It was a great way to cap off a perfect weekend.  So...what did you do?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Well it's Friday and you know what that means...we do have a winner.

Congratulations Katie are going to get a chance to read this book after all. 

Today isn't just win a book Friday, it also happens to be Good Friday.  The Captain and I are deviating from traditional plans this weekend and spending it by the pool.  That really is one of the great things about living in Florida.  We can swim in April.

Some friends have invited us to dinner on Sunday for a crab feast and we are both looking forward to that.  Even though they won't taste as good as my beloved blue crabs from Maryland, I am still looking forward to it.  

So friends, if you celebrate or even if you don't have a lovely holiday and happy egg hunting.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Hungry: The Color Of Extraordinary

This month's Book Hungry read was The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

I was late to the read this month.  In fact I only just finished it yesterday.  I still hope to have a meaningful discussion with my book club pals, but after I finished reading it I had to take some time and really think about this book and how it left me feeling.  Incredibly sad.

Normally for me it's pretty cut and dried.  I either like a book or I don't.  That didn't happen with this one.  After I finished it yesterday I dashed off a quick note to my book club sister's that I needed to sit on this one overnight, because I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it.

The Sky is Everywhere is the story of Lennie and told in her perspective.  Her sister Baily has just died unexpectedly from a heart arrhythmia, and this sudden and powerful shift in Lennie's life forces her front and center.  For a girl who has always played second chair, in the band and in her own life, she suddenly finds herself dealing with some pretty heavy stuff including an attraction to her dead sister's boyfriend that left me scratching my head.  Plus there is a new boy in town who never knew Bailey and gives Lennie reason to smile after the tragedy. 

Lennie's world is full of a supporting cast that had me smiling and facing some sorrow myself.  Her Uncle Big was quite charming.  Joe, the new boy, had a lyrical soul and seemed to be walking sunshine (we should all know someone like this).  But it was her Gram that came through the most for me.  There were a lot of similarities in how Lennie interacted with her Gram that reminded me of my own and had me riding on a wave of grief that was so strong at times I thought I might go under.  

The color of extraordinary were the words that Lennie chose to have inscribed on her sister's tombstone.  For me, these words describe Baily the way she will be remembered and Lennie, for the women she starts to become.  

Mainly, I think this book was a coming of age story of Lennie, who through her sister's death is forced to view the world through new eyes.  She didn't always like what she saw, especially in regard to herself, but she learned to face it standing on her own two feet.  

Okay folks, you know the drill.  I am giving away a copy of this one to one lucky blog commenter so leave me a note check back tomorrow for the winner.  I am not going to make you wait until next week.  Be prepared, this book will make you laugh, it will also make you cry. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round and Round I go

Today I feel like a hamster on a treadmill.  

Don't ask me why.  Everything is going great.  For whatever reason I still feel behind.  I guess that's because I owe Karla another snippet and thoughts on her last of the Fun and Games (sorry Karla).  I haven't read the book that I have to review tomorrow.  (How did the third Thursday of the month get here so freaking fast?)

I had to rush around on Monday to get the taxes done, because I hate doing them and always put them off.  Plus I owed money.  I swear, each year, just as I start to understand them something else changes and I have a harder and harder time trying to figure them out.  This year was no exception.

So today I am working, reading, writing.  What I am not doing?  Walking on my treadmill.  Go Figure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun and Games...Cousin Abby comes for a visit!

Once Grace and Lucky hit the sidewalk in front of the Simonson house, she slowly withdrew her arm from his and sank to the bottom step.  Cradling her head in her hands, the coldness from the concrete leeching through her pants, she sat taking deep cleansing breaths.
Lucky stood awkwardly in front of her, arms akimbo, wanting to offer solace but unsure how.  He liked Grace, but he wasn’t fooled. Going for pie was nothing more than an attempt to mask her pain in front of the rest of the cast that had been assembled.  No one had missed the red tide of embarrassment as it flooded her face when she realized she and Harper had an audience.

Shooting to a standing position, Grace squared her shoulders.  “So, about that pie?”

Arms over his chest, Lucky regarded her through narrowed eyes.  “Look.  We don’t have to go for the pie.  Not now.  I get it.  I was your escape hatch.”

Grace’s shoulders sagged.   It seemed no one really wanted her around.   Her father didn’t; he had just enough time to buy her things and make sure her credit card debt was paid off before jetting off to somewhere new.  Sure, he sent her things all the time, but it wasn’t the same as having a dad home twenty-four seven like Harper did.  Harper had been right about one thing.  It was ridiculous that Grace owned a pair of boots that cost over a thousand dollars, but she didn’t buy them.  Her father did. 
Now, here Lucky was, giving her a way out.  No, she hadn’t wanted to go for pie when she made the offer.  If she were honest with herself, she didn’t want to go for pie now.  But no way was she going back on her word.  Grace Monroe didn’t do that.  Giving herself a moment for composure, she unzipped her bag.

Rooting through her purse, Grace palmed her keys and met his gaze directly.  “What’s the matter Lucky?  Was it all just a bunch of bullshit talk on your part?  Do you want to go for pie or not?”

“So I get to be the consolation prize?”
Fury rose, fast and ugly.  So what if it hitched a ride on the back of the guilt train.  “Fuck you, Lucky!”

Storming to the driver’s side of the car, Grace huffed as she forcibly pulled on the door with both hands before getting it open and sliding behind the wheel.  Ramming the key into the ignition, she was just about to pull away from the curb when the passenger side door opened and Lucky joined her. 
Mustering up his most charming smile, the one she was sure he practiced daily in the mirror, “Ok, I changed my mind.  I want that pie after all.”

Still angry, but tempered by guilt, she answered, “Fine.”
A few minutes of silence passed between them as she turned the corner and came to a complete stop at the next red light before Lucky started to chuckle.  Throwing back his head, the merriment went viral and his amusement showed itself in the tears raining down his cheeks.

Confused, because there was nothing remotely funny about anything that happened that evening as far as Grace was concerned, she frowned, “Are you okay?  What’s so funny?”

Mimicking her haughty tone from a few moments earlier, he replied, “’Fuck you, Lucky.’ I can’t believe you said that.”

A smile worked the corners of Grace’s mouth even as her spine straightened a little.  “Well you deserved it.  Consolation prize?  Really?”

Leaning his head against the window, he eyed Grace before deciding to take a chance and jump in, “So, tonight was pretty intense.”

“That’s a word for it.”

“You two will make up.  You’re best friends and all that.  Plus, O and I have knock-down, punch-throwing, in-your-face screaming matches.  And the next day, we’re back to normal, you know?”

His statement was met with silence.

Trying again, “Oxford huh?”

The car rolled to a stop, and she made a point of looking to the left and right an extra time before continuing on.

“So what kind of pie do you like?”

Grace laughed softly and shook her head.  “Quiet is not a word in your vocabulary is it?”

“Have you been to my house and seen the chaos that reigns there?”  His goal-to make her relax-was working.  The line across her shoulders relaxed, releasing the tension as they drove across town and away from the diner. 
Away from the diner?  What the…  “I thought we were going for pie?”

“We are.”  Turning and meeting his gaze she continued, “I thought we could just go to my house and have it.  I’m not really up for other people right now.  ‘Kay?”

Lucky took in her waning expression, the night clearly taking its toll, blotting out her usual shine.

Wanting to put a smile back on her face, he leaned closer and leered, “You just want to be alone with me, why didn’t you say so?”

Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, suddenly thankful Lucky had jumped into the car, she licked her lips and said, “You’re an ass.  You know that right?”

His cockiness knew no bounds. “But you’re totally into me.  Go ahead.  You can admit it.  It’s my cross to bear, this burden of being wanted.”
Grace pulled her car up the driveway, passed the house, stopping in front of the detached garage.  Turning off the car, she kept both hands on the steering wheel as she quietly uttered, “Thanks, Lucky.”

Not ready for the previous seriousness of the evening to come back just yet, he quipped, “Does this mean we’re together now?  Like a real couple?”

Another eye roll, Grace opened the car door and led the way to the back door which opened up directly into the kitchen.  Expecting quiet, she was completely taken aback when she pushed the door open and heard top-forty music coming from the iPod plugged into her player.  There was a stainless steel pot bubbling on the stove, and a sprightly blond woman shaking her hips as she leaned into the refrigerator.

The slam of the door behind them caught the women’s attention.  Using her hip, she shut the refrigerator and whirled to face them, a bright, blinding smile claiming her face when her eyes lit upon Grace.
Grace’s mouth dropped open.  The first real smile of the evening appeared as she squealed, “Abby! 

What are you doing here?”  Rushing around the island in the middle of the kitchen, she launched herself at her cousin.  “I thought you were still in Italy.”

Abby hugged Grace tight before pushing her away to run a critical eye over the younger girl.  “I was.  But I heard you were going to be alone for Christmas, so I decided I would rather be here instead.”

“Awesome!”  Remembering her manners, Grace turned.  “Abby, this is my friend, Lucky.  Lucky, cousin Abby.”

Lucky, never one to miss an opportunity, smiled, “Well, hel-lo Cousin Abby.”  It was more of a leer, but one guaranteed to flatter and amuse.

Abby studied the young man for a moment before holding out her hand.  “Hi, Lucky.  Nice to meet you.” Turning to the stove, “Are you two hungry?  I made spaghetti.”

“Spaghetti?  It’s, like midnight.”

“Yeah sweetie, but I am still on Italy time.“

Lucky pulled his cell phone from his pocket and hit a key.   “Hey O.  Can you swing by and pick me up?  I’m at Grace’s.  Her cousin’s here, and I need a ride home.”  Leaning on the counter top, he winked at Grace before looking at the clock on the stove.  “Five minutes is good.  I'll meet you out front.”

Before Grace could reassure him that it was alright to stay, he spoke up.  “You need to spend some time with your family, and I still have something I need to do talk over with my Mom.” 
“Oh-kay.  Thanks for coming over tonight.  And-everything else.”

Lucky swiveled his gaze to the cousin, “Abby, it was nice meeting you.”  Turning back to Grace, “Walk me out?”

“Sure.  Abs, I’ll be back in a sec.”

“Take your time, hon.” Her eyes followed both of them until they were out of sight.  Hmm, very interesting.

At the front door, Grace stopped and turned.  “Seems we’re destined to never get this right.”

“Oh, I don’t know.  I think eventually the odds will be in my favor.”  Lucky glanced over his shoulder to make sure they were alone.  Grace popped up on tip-toe to see what had captured his attention.  Unaware, she wasn’t prepared when he swung back and captured her lips in a soft, barely-there kiss.
It was a brief lip bump that had Lucky yearning for more.  Instead, he straightened and smiled at the surprised look on her face.  “By the way, you still owe me that pie.”

The sound of the horn signaled Owen’s arrival.  Lucky touched her cheek before heading out and pulling the door closed softly behind him.

Staring at the door, Grace jumped when the voice behind her piped up, “Seems like you neglected to mention a few things in your last e-mail.”

Leaning her forehead against the door, “Like?”

“Like, Lucky.  Who is he?”

Swallowing, Grace turned and faced her cousin.  “Friend.  He’s just a friend."

Abby, leaning against the arch between the dining room and foyer, arms crossed, “Really?  Too bad.  He’s hot.  And I liked him.  Plus, I think it’s time to move on from the Truman incident, don’t you?”

Shaking her head, eyes not quite meeting Abby’s she confessed, “For me, it’s always been Truman.  And now, with Oxford…”

“You want my advice?”

On a shrug, “Always.”

Moving toward the younger girl, Abby pushed the hair out of her face, before wrapping an arm around her and walking back to the kitchen.  “You are too young to be pining for any boy.  Enjoy today.  Let tomorrow take care of itself.”

“I guess this means you’re officially Team Lucky?”

Abby, quick on the draw, replied, “Sure am.  And if you’re ordering t-shirts, I need mine in a medium.” 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes you get something better

A few years ago we had a big hurricane hit Pensacola.  It did a lot of damage and left a pretty big mess for us to clean up.  The Captain and I were very fortunate that it didn't do any more than take down our fence.  

The fence coming down actually worked in our favor, because they came the next week to install our pool  And the fence would have had to come down anyway. 

After the pool was installed we bought and planted a Robellini palm tree.  They are also known as Pygmi date palms.  It had three arms and was lovely.  We were both very proud of that tree.  Here, I have attached a picture.  You can see we had already built the new fence, staining it to match the rest was all that was left along with re-laying the sod.  

Not last winter, but the one prior we lost the tree to below average temperatures during the winter.  We were both really bummed out when this tree died.  It was so pretty and made me smile everyday.  

We left her in the ground even after she died, because I was really hoping that the tree would come back.  That maybe there was some small part of it still there and if we just left her alone, dormant for a season, she would find a way to grow back.

It wasn't meant to be.  

This past weekend we decided to it was time to pull the tree out.  I have a clear view of that part of the yard from my  home office and my view was that sad little withered up dead tree.  So we pulled it out and buried it properly and decided to go and see what we could find to put in it's place.  On our second stop we found just what we were looking for and this one cost half of what we spent on the last one.  

Here's a picture of the new tree. 

She weighed about 1000 pounds and we had to get her off the truck and into the ground ourselves.  (Yes we forget we aren't spring chickens anymore and my muscles are screaming in protest today.)  But in the end it was all worth it.  

I have a new view from my office window and this tree is bigger and prettier.  

I feel as if spring has sprung.

What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Todays all about the happy

I bet you guys are wondering what makes me so happy first thing in the morning.  Well there are a couple of things that can do it for me.  Caffeine, but not in the form of coffee.  I think coffee is the nastiest, most foul tasting swill ever invented.  There is a whole story that goes with that which involves a mid, day old Navy coffee and me discovering my stomach was not made of cast iron after all.

I find when I want to laugh at something I am inevitably drawn to babies.  Their laugh is contagious and they always make me smile.

So here's to  hoping you find a reason to smile today.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Next year we got a new place in mind!

The Captain and I are already talking about our next big vacation.  I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, "What?  You just got back from vacation."  Yes we did.  But we met some really great people why we were sailing.  There was a family we met from Canada.  (No we are not holding that against them.  Besides I really liked the way everyone says "eh".)

Like most vacationers do, we exchanged email address and mailing information in order to keep in touch.  I think we were home a couple of days and already had heard from them.  The emails have passed fast and furious and now with the ability to Skype, we can talk to them too.  

During a brief conversation about a week after we got back my Canadian friend Linda said, "We should make plans for our next vacation together."  Before I knew it we were emailing each other resort information and destination brochures.  We came up with a plan pretty quickly.  And by plan I mean we have finally picked where we are going to go.  We still haven't decided where we are going to stay, but I am sure that will be an easy enough decision.  For me it has to have a place to put a chair right next to the Ocean.  For everyone else, The Captain included, they need to be able to wind surf, snorkel, jet ski and blah, blah, blah.  

So where are we going?  Glad you asked.   Next year we will be enjoying the sights and sounds of the Dominican Republic.  I'm glad because I will finally get a stamp in that brand new shiny passport I got this year.  I have been to a lot of place out of the country.  But when you travel with the military you don't need a passport.  

I promise to take lots of pictures and share everything with you guys when the time comes.  But just to get an is a pictures.

Where was the coolest place you ever vacationed and who was it with? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winner Winner...But it ain't a chicken dinner

Today we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled program.  But don't worry folks, Fun and Games with K&K will back next week.  

Instead I am going to tell you about a contest I recently won.  I know, I was just as surprised too!  My friend Abby was giving away a copy of Where She Went by Gayle Forman over at her blog My Mumblings.  I have never read any of this authors work before and after Abby waxed poetically about it I find I am waiting anxiously to dive in.  I really want to know where she went.  

Anyway, I won the contest and even though I am not getting a signed copy of the book ~I will live~ I am still a winner.  I even did my winner winner dance when I found out.  Don't worry, you guys are not going to be subjected to that any time soon.

So I promise to let you know what I think about the book after I get a chance to read it.  My very own book report right here.  Can't wait?  But here is my question.  I just found out this book is the second in a series.  I haven't read the first one yet, so you think I should before I read the second one?  Now that I think about it Abby should have given them both away.  I wonder if I can guilt her into giving me a copy of the first one...hmm.  

Have a great day but before you go tell me about the last thing you won.  Lottery winner's excluded.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to the stop Puerto Rico

Our third port of call during our Caribbean cruise had us stopping in Puerto Rico.  

I think out of all the ports this one was my favorite and it had nothing to do with the free drinks they were serving at the Bacardi Rum Plant we took a tour of.  I enjoyed everything about this stop.  Our tour driver, who was hysterical.  The bus tour he took us on through Old San Juan because we had some time to kill before the plant opened.  

Here is a picture of the boat docked in Puerto Rico.  I took pictures of the boat in all of the ports but this one was the best.  Our home away from home for eight days.  Wasn't she a beauty?

Okay the next set of pics are from our tour of Old San Juan.  I swear you could feel the city pulsing with history as we made our way through it.  It was absolutely breath-taking.

 This is a picture of their capitol.  The building was very old and built with stone brought over from Spain. 

Here was another view of the Capitol.  I loved how majestic it sat.
This was the Fort San Felipe Del Morro.  We also got to see this even better as we were leaving the port.  It was more amazing from the water.
 Here was a picture I took as we were driving on the bus.  How awesome.

Of course we were on the party tour bus.  Our tour was scheduled to start at 9:00 AM.  We had to be on the dock by 8:45.  We made it with time to spare and once everyone was on board one of the guys ask our tour guide when we got our drinks.  

Unfortunately we didn't get them until we got to the Bacardi Plant, but once we arrived the bar was open.  I guess they figure it's five o'clock somewhere, right?
We were only allowed to take pictures in certain areas.  So here is a shot from the outside.

 And here were some of the fresco that were done on the inside in the reception area.  It was very interesting and quite informative.

But I think my favorite were the statues of the bats.  The bat that adorns every Bacardi bottle.

They were so interesting and there were plenty of them.  The story goes that when Bacardi was first founded the gentleman behind the brand wanted something that would always be associated with Bacardi.  His wife suggested the bat since they lived in the rafters of the barn he started distilling in.  And the brand was born.

Ain't he cool?

So that was our stop in Puerto Rico. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making some changes

As you know from the bitch-fest I had going yesterday I have been in a place not filled with the usual rainbows and unicorns I am used to.  Slowly, as my new hormone starts to work I am getting my groove back.  Or losing the crazy.  You can really look at it either way. 

So last night I decided some changes were in order.  I think I am going to be making quite a few of them in the coming months.  Changes that will hopefully, make me a  

With that in mind I decided to get rid of the blog look that I never really embraced.  I spent about an hour searching through templates until I found one that I liked.  Another hour of honing it and voila I have a new whole new blog.

Today is Thursday and for those of you who who have been following the drama filled teen angst lives of Grace and Harper know that we have another edition on deck.  Yippee!  I really wanted to follow that with Kay-ay mother...well think Bruce Willis here okay?  But this is me going back to the brighter, shinier version of me.  Now think sequins...but not tacky.

Anywho...Karla is up with today edition.  I wonder, oh, how I wonder what is going to happen?  It's bite-your-nails crazy over here let me tell you.  So go and check it out at her blog right here.  Also, give some feedback on the new look.  Go ahead and be honest, I can take it.  Either that or you will be visited by my friend Guido.  No, I'm just kidding.  I don't know anyone named Guido.  His name is Hector.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday is for Whiners...or not

Bet you guys thought I was blowing you off again eh?

Nope.  I'm here.  And since I am in such a craptastic mood I thought I should share.  Hey, that is what friends are for right?  Besides I have been giving the world the middle finger all week. 

And I tried.  I really did.  I thought Wednesday could be my my whiny day.  And the post I had originally came up with was good and whiny.  The problem is I hate whiners...even when it's me.  Plus, the Captain is already having to deal with it.  Believe me, he deserves a medal just for that. 

Yep, my hormones are out of whack and I can't even blame it on pregnancy.  Nope, for me, it just the bad luck I have to no longer make them.  Never fear, I am on bio-identical hormones (you know you wanted to know right?) but they have stopped working.  Did you know they had a shelf life?  I certainly didn't.  I do now.  And let me tell you I will never let that happen again.  

When I was thirty two I was diagnosed with a disease (non-fatal) that hindered progesterone production in my body.  When I say it hindered it, I mean, it completely stopped.  But on the bright side my testosterone levels were soaring.  I thought scoring high was good.  And I guess some people may want high testosterone levels, yeah, if you have a penis.  

Anyway, my doctor put me on hormone replacement therapy.  I was very fortunate that I had a doctor that wanted me to go the bio-identical route, b/c when I started I knew nothing about hormone replacement.  No synthetic hormones for me.  Thank you very much.

I had forgotten how bad I was pre-hormone replacement.  But I got a good look this week and can I just say I don't like her.  She was bossy, bitchy and brutal.  And that was before it got really bad.  

So now I have shared and I feel better.  Although I think that has more to do with the cream I just rubbed on my ass and not the post I just shared.  Now come back tomorrow when I share with you the pleasantries of my last OB/GYN visit.  I know you can't wait for that one right?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun and Games...Are we ever going to find out what happened???

Okay here we go...lets see what happens this week.
Grace wasn’t letting her friend off that easy.  With an oath, she pushed Lucky’s feet off Mrs. Simonson’s coffee table and veered around it to follow Harper into the kitchen, stroking up a full head of steam and ready to blow by the time she pushed through the swinging door.  “All right, Harper.  Let’s have it.  Right here.  Right now.  Just you and me.  Why don’t you tell me what I did to piss you off?”

Truman, Lucky and Owen all exchanged glances before they simultaneously jumped up and rushed after Grace.  Skidding to a halt outside the swinging door, Truman raised his forefinger to his lips before the three turned their attention to the occupants in the kitchen.

Harper spun from the fridge where she was methodically removing the items she needed for hot chocolate. “Let’s have what?  Can’t you for once just do what I ask you to do?  Go and tell them what I told you that day in the parking lot.  But don’t forget to mention the parts that you didn’t believe.”

Grace stood in front the swinging door, confusion marking her brow as she stared at Harper in disbelief.  “Who are you?  What have you done with my best friend?”

Slamming the fridge shut, Harper stalked across the kitchen to retrieve a sauce pan.  “Who am I?  You're one to talk.  And stop patronizing me.  It’s always seriously irritated the hell out of me the way you do that.”

Not giving an inch-because to do so would mean falling into a heap on the kitchen floor and curling into a fetal position until the pain of Harper’s hateful words melted away-Grace walked over and snatched the sauce pan from Harper, forcing the other girl to look at her.  “Exactly what part of the story did I not believe, Harper?  The part where you had to go the ladies room?  No, the part where Mr. Haas said you could use the bathroom in his bedroom.  No, no, wait.  I know!  It must have been the part where he tried to kiss you, and you defended yourself.  Was that the part I didn’t believe?”

Grace’s anger bloomed like a giant funnel cloud, and any moment, Harper expected her to start spinning around the kitchen.  Slamming the pot on the stove, Grace hissed, “I believed every word you said to me in the parking lot.  I have always believed you.  What I had a problem with was the parts of the story you left out.”

Twirling toward the stove in an attempt to shield her eyes from Grace, Harper snapped, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 
“Oh, really?”

“Yes!  Really!”

“Okay.  Let’s start with something easier than.  Why don’t we start with earlier that night, how you came over and wanted to borrow some stuff from my closet.  My black mini.  My favorite pink sweater.  And let’s not forget my Jimmy Choo’s.  Ringing any bells yet?”

“Who is Jimmy Choo?” Lucky whispered to Owen.

“Shh,” Owen and Tru hissed.

“Only the fact that it is totally ridiculous that you have a pair of boots that cost over a thousand dollars,” Harper practically screamed as she ripped open a drawer and pulled out a wooden spoon.

“That didn’t seem to bother you that night.  In fact you were fairly cooing over them as you stared at yourself in the mirror,”  Grace flung back.

“I looked like a hooker, and you know it.  I don’t know why I let you talk me into the hair and make-up.  Maybe if I hadn’t, nothing would have…” Harper’s free hand shot up to cover her mouth, as if she could take the words back.

Grace faltered, then froze, her anger disintegrating on the ugly words.  “What exactly are you trying to say, Harper?”

“Oh, Grace,” Harper cried.  “I didn’t mean it like that.”
Truman pushed himself up, ready to head into the kitchen, wanting to put an end to the verbal sparring that was ripping at the seams of a life-long friendship.  Owen shot a hand out to stop him, shaking his head, silently telling Truman to stay put.  “This may be the only way we find out what really happened,” he whispered.

Nodding, Truman leaned his forehead against the wall, dialing back into what was taking place on the other side of the kitchen door.

“How did you mean it?  Since nothing happened, what is it exactly that could have been prevented if only I hadn’t talked you into hair and make-up?”  Her voice was ice cold, and Harper felt the chill, all the way to the bone. 
Tossing the wooden spoon in the vicinity of the sink and missing, Harper took the heel of her hand and smacked herself in the forehead three times.  Shuffling her feet like an old man, she moved toward the kitchen table and fell into the closest chair.  Folding her arms across the smooth wooden surface, she laid face down praying for some divine intervention, anything to steer the conversation back to where it was before when she was justified in her anger.

Sadly nothing happened, except the ticking of her mother’s prized rooster clock getting louder in the face of Grace’s silence.  Maybe, if she just stayed still, Grace would give up and go home.  Realizing how unrealistic that was, Harper cautiously raised her head and found Grace standing like a statue at the other end of the table.

Catching Harper’s eye, she forced her words out through a gravel filled throat, “You blame me for whatever it is that happened that night?  Is that it?  You think it’s my fault?”

Stretching her arms straight out with her palms up, her eyes landing on the wooden spoon, she sighed and said, “No.”

“That might sound more convincing if you looked me in the eye when you said it.  But you’ve never been any good at lying to me, have you?”

Sitting straight up in the chair, Harper looked at Grace and said, “This has nothing to do with what happened at the party and everything to do with the letter.”

Completely undone, Grace asked, “What letter?”

You know the drill...tell us what you think.