Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winner Winner...But it ain't a chicken dinner

Today we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled program.  But don't worry folks, Fun and Games with K&K will back next week.  

Instead I am going to tell you about a contest I recently won.  I know, I was just as surprised too!  My friend Abby was giving away a copy of Where She Went by Gayle Forman over at her blog My Mumblings.  I have never read any of this authors work before and after Abby waxed poetically about it I find I am waiting anxiously to dive in.  I really want to know where she went.  

Anyway, I won the contest and even though I am not getting a signed copy of the book ~I will live~ I am still a winner.  I even did my winner winner dance when I found out.  Don't worry, you guys are not going to be subjected to that any time soon.

So I promise to let you know what I think about the book after I get a chance to read it.  My very own book report right here.  Can't wait?  But here is my question.  I just found out this book is the second in a series.  I haven't read the first one yet, so you think I should before I read the second one?  Now that I think about it Abby should have given them both away.  I wonder if I can guilt her into giving me a copy of the first one...hmm.  

Have a great day but before you go tell me about the last thing you won.  Lottery winner's excluded.


Patty Blount said...

Absolutely, you have to read If I Stay first. I have it. I'll send you my copy; email me your address (it's a print copy).

If I Stay is told from Mia's POV and Where She Went is told from Adam's (her boyfriend). I've read both, they are INCREDIBLY WELL DONE!

abby mumford said...

my my, aren't we greedy?? (just kidding).

but uh, yeah, i should have thought to ask if you had read IF I STAY because you must read it first. sorry! trust me, both are well worth it. IF I STAY is my #1 favorite book from last year.

Linda G. said...

Wait...what? No Fun and Games?

You expect me to WAIT???


You guys are mean. :P

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss kelly! im thinking if there two for sure you need to read them in the order they got wrote. i just won a prize for miss janet and miss vickis contest and its a bag of twizzlers and a big chocolate candy bar and a big box of chocolate mints. yum! :)
...hugs from lenny