Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Heart Reading

I have been on a reading kick lately.

Not a little one either.  Reading has been like crack for me.  I have been telling myself for days that I can stop whenever I want to but it's just not true.  Like any addict I rush through my drug of choice, or in this case my book of choice, feeling the words work their magic as it seemingly takes me higher and higher.  Once the book is done I sit in the glow of the aftermath, rehashing the salient points in my own mind.  What I liked, what I didn't.  

As my heart beat returns to normal and I come face to face with the fact that the book is indeed over, I start to frantically search for where my next fix will come from.  I race to the book room to see if there are any hidden gems that I may have previously missed.  As if.  Please, I know every book in that room and any that I had put aside for a rainy day have long since been devoured.

Then I will review my digital finds to see if I have maybe overlooked something I had downloaded.  It's always the same.  Nada.  Next I will log in and see what has been newly released.  If one of my favorite authors has put out a new book, I am a goner.  I know I am looking at my next momentary high. 

The one thing that digital media is doing for me is reacquainting me with some authors earlier works that I had never read before.  Case in point.  Kathryn Shay is one of my favorite authors.  Her stories are believable, her characters are people I want to know.  Her books a weighty and satisfying.  There were some titles I never got around to getting because they were out of print when I first discovered her.  But recently with the jump in digital media, her earlier works are becoming available and are fueling my addiction.  

So tell me, what have you been getting just a little bit too much of lately?

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abby mumford said...

i'm actually going through reading withdrawal right now because i'm so busy preparing for my move. packing takes a long time! and so does cleaning! and so i've had the TV on in the background while i've been packing and honestly, i do like TV, but it's not the same "high" as reading. i'd better finish packing soon so i can get a reading fix before the shakes start...