Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem

In terms of the social media experience I am still relatively new. 

So it came as a great surprise to me today when I realized I have a problem.  I am a twitterholic. I have it on my computer at work, I have it on my laptop at home and I have an app on my phone to keep me in the loop when I don't have my computers.  Today, I was really slammed at work and was unable to pay as close attention to my twitter as I usually do.  It was totally freaking me out.  I mean seriously, it was driving me nuts that I did not have time to get my twitter fix. 

Last week I got a tweet from Susan Mallery.  Who is that?  Only one of my top five favorite authors ever.  She wrote Tempted, which also happens to fall into my top five of favorite books.  I was simply blown away.  Then I find myself exchanging tweets with Julie Ortolon.  Another favorite author of mine who wrote Too Perfect which is another book in my top five.

How cool was this that I was sharing tweets with two of my writing hero's. 

Oh.  My.  God.  I had to pinch myself.  So where else in the world besides a book signing could I carry on a semi conversation with two of my favorite authors.  I will tell you.  TWITTER.  That was one of my best days ever.

But not just because of these women I have idolized, but also because of all the great friends, male and female, I have made and the ones I haven't even stumbled across yet.  I feel so fortunate that I have been able to connect to this great resource of writers who give me something each and everyday. 

Like Patty Blount (@pattyblount) who cracks me up with her chocolate obsession, or Tawna Fenske (@tawnafenske) who's love for construction equipment is what got @usedbackhoes following me.  I can't forget Cynthia Reese who's blog inspired me not to kill off my hero and thus saved my story to Karen Hoopers blog about her love for books that reminded me of how writing became my passion and inspired me to hit a local Indy bookstore recently.  And I most definatly can't forget to mention Linda Grimes (@linda_grimes) who's never at a loss for a comeback. She literally challenges me to put on my thinking cap everyday.

This community is so much more than sending out soundbites 140 character or less, which can be fun too.  It is a community of folks who enjoy writing, goofing off, connecting, being witty and passing along important pieces of human interest or not so important pieces that they share with the rest of the tweeps.  

Well maybe that's not how your tribe does it, but my twitter tribe, they rock!

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