Friday, May 7, 2010

Captain Kid is really a smart ass in disguise, I would have preferred a Pirate

About two weeks ago I finally wore Captain Kid down enough to go and actually buy my new trikke and let me tell you I was ecstatic.  I mean I had been jonesing for one of these for about three years now.  I sold him on it by pointing out that I wasn't getting any younger.  If I wanted to exceed at mastering this I really could not wait until my birthday in July, I needed it now.

For whatever reason, Captain Kid caved.  Now, he normally doesn't, especially when it comes to money.  Trust me on this, and these toys aren't all that cheap.  But for some reason he agreed, did I mention we got one for him too.  Hmm, maybe that was the motivation.

I digress.

For the past week we have not been able to roll them out of the garage and use them because of the weather.  So yesterday I was pretty excited when I got home from work.  The sun was shining, the wind was not so bad (wind makes working this a little harder) and the ground was dry (the manufacturer does not recommend you ride them on wet streets.)

If your not familiar with the trikke, let me explain.  It is a triangular base, three wheeled torture device that you have to power by leaning from side to side.  It looks incredibly easy when you watch the videos on you tube or catch the techno show on TV.  I am sure you are all familiar with the saying, looks can be deceiving.  This thing is a serious torture device.  It seduces you with its idea of easy maneuverability but than kicks your ass when you are not paying attention.

Here let me recap our ride from yesterday.

Time: 6:15pm CST
Captain Kid:  "The wind has died down so lets go trikking for awhile?"
Me: "Alright!"  (As I said earlier I was pretty stoked about getting back out there.)

Time: 6:20 CST.
Making our way on the first pass around the 1/4 mile block that we live on.
Captain Kid:  "Babe, looking good, your form has improved." (he was very proud and so supportive)
Me:  "Thanks."

Time: 6:25 CST.
Made it once around the block, starting to breath a little harder.
Captain Kid:  "No, don't go slowing down, you have to keep the momentum going to get around again."
(He was getting a little bossy.) 
Me:  "Again?  Sure no problem.  I can do it.  So, you think that was what, a mile we just did?"

Captain Kid just shook his head and kept going.  In fact he didn't even answer me.  At the time I was pretty winded so I assumed that he didn't understand my question.

Time: 6:35 CST.
Yes, I got a little slower on the second pass around the block.  Thanks for pointing that out.
Me:  "Alright, two times around, that's like a record for trikking." (I had visions of Olympic gold in my head.  Oh and did I mention I was breathing even harder now?)
Captain Kid:  "Nope lets keep going.  We need to do at least a mile." (I should point out that he was no longer in front of me as he had already circled around AGAIN and was now behind me.  And he wasn't even winded.)
Me confused:  "Didn't we already do a mile?  Two times around, that has to be a mile?  Right?"

Captain Kid just looked back as he passed me AGAIN and laughed.  Seriously he laughed at me.

Time: 6:50 CST.
I was still upright on this torture device they call a trikke.
Captain Kid:  "So you want to go again?
(I am breathing like a steam powered engine but him?  No breathing hard.  No sweat.  Nothing.)
Me:  "What are you crazy, I can't feel my legs."
Captain Kid:  "You are such a drama queen.  Its just a little exercise.  Besides as you pointed out you aren't getting any younger.  No time like the present to master this thing."

I really hate it when he does that.  Doesn't he know that nobody likes a smart ass?

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Linda G. said...

Okay, I just went and watched a demo on Youtube. Boy, that looks like quite a workout! Me, I'd probably break my neck the first time I tried it.