Monday, May 3, 2010

Torture or Joy; you decide

I am truly one of the lucky people.  I actually have a job I enjoy. 

The best part about my job? 

I can make arrangements to work from home when I have to.  I have a fully self contained office in my home that allows me that freedom.  Lately I have been trying to work from home on average a least one day a week.  I find I can concentrate better, accomplish more and eat a better lunch.  Plus I don't have to do a full on make-up, I can dress down and I don't have to wear shoes all day!  Plus on the days that I just know it would be better for me to go directly back to bed, but I can't because I have this job, working from home gives me the autonomy to be bitchy without any one else knowing about it.

So what's the down side?

I am a people person, so while I enjoy the break from my "real" office once a week, I would go a little stir crazy if I had to work from this space every single day. I enjoy the interaction I have with my co-workers on a daily basis face-to-face.  Plus my systems in the "real" office move faster because I am not working over the VPN.  I miss my dual monitors and my velocaraptor (my nickname) for my office computer.  It is much faster than my laptop, which is all I have for the home office.

I find that I really do enjoy the parts of my day I had never given any thought to before.   For example it normally takes me about forty five minutes to commute from home.  For most people that is the worst part of the work day.  For me, not so.  I enjoy the time I have to gear up in the mornings for my day and the time I have in the evening to put it all into perspective before I get home and have family time.  Plus this a good time for me to roll around ideas in my head for stories. 

At the end of the day, I guess the best part is, working from my real office or my home office, I still get to do a job I really enjoy.  Not too many people get to say that.

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