Monday, May 10, 2010

Betty White, Facebook & the power of social media

In case you have been living under a rock and missed it, Facebook Fans scored a major coup on Saturday night when Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live.

This is a great example of how Facebook is going to take over the world.  We thought our voices really made a difference when we registered to vote.  I can remember how puffed up and full of pride I was when I got my voters registration card in the mail.  (Of course I wasn't so schooled on the electoral college and the fact that I really didn't have the final say, but that is a topic for another day.)

In case I didn't already make it clear I WAS living under a rock on Saturday.  I think I am the only facebook user who didn't actually watch SNL on TV.  Unlike Betty White, I didn't miss my bed time.  So I am truly grateful for sites like hulu where I was able to watch it today.

Of course some people were horrified at her vulgar performance while others rejoiced in how gracious she was to actually accept the gig and perform on SNL.  I say Kudos to her for that.  Anyone who watched SNL and thought that they were going to see Rose Nyland was in for a surprise. 

My point, and yes I actually have one, is that this is a great example of social media and how the masses can be reached and respond. The people spoke and the producers at SNL not only heard they responded.  I wonder how many other ways we can make things happen through social media. 

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Linda G. said...

And it's a very good point, too. :)

I adore Betty White. I hope I'm still cracking sassy when I get to be her age.