Friday, May 14, 2010

My American Express and my voice-recorder

I am not one of the lucky people who gets to stay home and write all day long.  (I do envy those who do.)  I have a job that requires I travel about thirty to forty-five minutes each way, every day. 

Now I am a girl who just can't sit still for too long, unless I am on a beach with a Mango Margarita but that's a blog post for another day.  So on the days that I am forced to commute there is one thing I never leave home without.

My voice-recorder.  Now scoff all you want but while I am driving, working out dialogue is something that comes to me.  Even scenes are more vivid to me while I am behind the wheel.  Why?  I have no idea.  Personally I think it's because driving bores me to tears and my mind just happens to wander.  

With the help of my voice-recorder I always have a place to store my ideas or random thoughts and the best part is I am not trying to write and drive at the same time.  I use a hands free so it just looks as if I am talking on the phone instead of talking to myself.  Which lets face it, is always a plus.

I carry my smart phone and my notepad but I find that my voice-recorder is something I can not be without.  I really love this little thing and find myself reaching  for it each and every time I have a snappy dialogue or vivid scene storming through my mind. 

It is the one tool besides my computer that I cannot live without.  So what tools do you use when you are on the road?  Quite honestly, my voice-recorder has become so important to me I never leave home with out it.  Well that, and my American Express card. 

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