Saturday, May 15, 2010

How blogging has helped me with my writing

I have only recently started this blog.  I got the idea after a friend recommended getting on twitter as a way of meeting other writers.  She suggested I could expand my writing circle.  Little did I know of the truth she spoke.  

I have mentioned some of the great ladies who I have connected with on my previous blog The first step is admitting you  have a problem!   And I would recommend following any of them.

But moving on, since I committed myself to twittering I have increased the amount of words I am writing per day.  I was motivated by one of the blogs that I read that recommended setting word goals.  I apologize in advance for not remembering who wrote it.  That was before I was taking notes of the blogs I was reading, in order to give proper credit if I mentioned them later.  Now I know better.

But again I am getting off subject.  I had not even thought of blogging until my twitter debut a couple of weeks ago, but after paying attention to some of the tweets that were coming at me I noticed a common theme.  These ladies all had blogs.  I started reading them and really enjoying the content, then it occurred to me that I was passing up the opportunity to find my own voice in the world of blogging.  

So I spent a whole weekend researching, which is not unusual to writers (I am even calling myself a writer now.  How cool is that?).  I had to find the correct platform.  Than I had to figure out what I wanted to call it.  Honestly that didn't take all that long and I have no idea if that is good or bad.  

Next up was my investigation into the world of what do I want to write about.  I thought about sharing some of my "writing" but realized quite quickly I was not ready for that.   I may never be, but one of the things I have learned from reading my tweeps blogs is that is okay, because we write for ourselves first.  

Of course I think most writers want to get published and I am no different, but, in all honestly I have not finished even one WIP.  I have started, stopped and started new projects without seeing anything to the end.  Maybe that is bad too.  But, I keep writing and at the end of the day isn't that the whole point.
But the main thing I have learned since I started blogging is it has helped me keep on writing.  I have a 5000 word a week goal.  Okay, so that's not a lot, but the fact that I had gone from a free for all attitude when it comes to writing to a set standard per week is pretty amazing.  At least I like to think so.  

If nothing else blogging has made me more aware of the process and for that I thank you.  Oh and I thank @PattyBlount for inspiring me to write everyday. 

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