Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Falling for a new author...Cindi Madsen

Falling for her Fiance 
by Cindi Madsen

This is a new author for me.  I finished this book in one sitting and I loved, loved, loved it.  

Dani and Wes have been best friends since college.  They have seen each other through relationships and breakups.  Wes' sister is getting married and his ex is one of the bridesmaids.  Dani is jonesing for a big promotion at work and feels that her being single is hurting her chances.

Together they devise a plan to help each other.  A fake engagement.  Dani agrees to go to his sisters wedding and Wes volunteers to accompany Dani on a work retreat to help impress her boss.

What happens when best friends start acting like lovers? 

Cindi Madsen took one of my all time favorite premises and made it spectacular.  

Dani and Wes have great chemistry that jumps off the pages.  The dialogue is fresh and fun and had me laughing out loud.  I was routing for them from the start, even before they figured out what everyone around them already seemed to know.  

One thing this author did really well was show us how close they were as friends before the love started to bloom.  I appreciated how as they drew closer they started to build up walls to protect themselves.  It felt extremely real and it took me back to when I was falling in love with my best friend all those years ago.  

If you haven't read it yet make sure you put it on your TBR list.  It's totally worth it.



Linda G. said...

I love friends-turned-lovers stories. Thanks for pointing us toward this one. :)

abby mumford said...

this is definitely now on my TBR list. can't wait!