Monday, April 1, 2013

One Penny we're keeping.

Last week was pretty eventful here at the Breakey household. 

Lucky for you, I'm in a sharing mood.
On Tuesday one of my friends posted this on Facebook.  ----->

Now for those of you who were maybe unaware of this I am a cat lover.  I've had cats all of my life starting with my very first when I was a little girl.  We called her Morissa.  It was like Morris the cat with an a on the end. Cause she was Morris until we realized the he was a she.

Over the years many more would come into my life and once we adopted them they were ours until they passed away.  I don't know how to be any other way with my cats

So when I got married adopting my very first cat was a natural progression.  We've added to our family over the years.  Chess, Gus, Rocky, Monte, Gracie Lou, and Charlie.  Sadly, we've had to say goodbye to a few of them too.  Chess passed away at 19 from old age.  Gus was 21 when we had to say good bye to her and Rocky was only 14, but he had kidney failure.  If there had been a kidney transplant for cats I would have done it.  

Monte is now 11, Gracie Lou 5 and Charlie 3.  Three cats was enough for us.  Three cats are enough for us.  But when I saw this post and that picture something spoke to me.  So I called my friend and told her I would need to meet the little girl before I could make a decision. 

On Wednesday when I met her...I was a goner.  She was so loving.  And yes, that could have been because she was malnourished and I had food.  But we hit it off right away. 

Penny getting her sleep on
We were able to get her into the vet and get an almost clean bill of health.  After she had everything done that needed to be I brought her home on Friday.  She's settled in quite nicely.  She's a cuddler, which is unusual in a kitten, but I'm not gonna complain.  We named her Penny (Big Bang Theory reference all the way.)  Meet Penny.  She does look a little like Gracie Lou.  Okay enough that you would think they are related, but their not.

And while I have taken a lot of ribbing on Facebook and from friends and family regarding my new status as the crazy lady with the clouder of cats, I'm okay with it.  I always wanted to be a cliche'.



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cnelady said...

Tears in my eyes... Find a penny pick her up.