Monday, April 15, 2013

One read Easy to get behind


By Tammara Webber

There aren't too many things I can say that aren't good about this read.  This book was absolutely delicious.  

Normally I would share the book description here with you.  But I don't think it did it justice and may have been a little misleading.  I read the description and read the book because it was recommended, but don't know if I would have without the strong arm tactics. 

This story goes for the jugular right from the start when our female lead is attacked after a party.  The rapist is thwarted by a young man she has never seen on campus before, but suddenly sees everywhere.  

My Gram used to say that if you want to make God laugh you should tell him your plans.  Jacqueline gave up her dream to study music in college in order follow her high school boyfriend.  Into their second year of college he has decided he needs to sow his wild oats. Yep, that is actually his excuse for the breakupAfter a night of watching him do just that at a frat party, she is assaulted on the way to her truck.  Out of the darkness comes the answer to her prayers.  

Lucas is everything her ex could never be.  Of course there is a tremendous back story that just adds to the layers this author has created.  And they are believable layers, emotional layers, yummy layers that had me turning page after page until the book was done.  (Okay, I read this on an e-reader, so I wasn't actually turning pages, but you get the message right?)  

Lucas has the look of a bad boy, but the soul of a poet.  His artistic side softens him and the immediate connection Jacqueline feels towards him is unmistakable.  Hell, the immediate pull I felt toward him was unmistakable.  He is wounded, but not broken.  And together they will learn to trust and heal each other.

But that trust won't come easy for either of them.  In the beginning of this book you're convinced that the story is going to be about Jacqueline learning to trust again after her assault, but what we find in the course of this read is Lucas has demons in his past that have shaped and molded him into the man he is today and this story is about so much more than an attempted rape and happily ever after.

I love when authors do that.  

Part of the book is Jacqueline learning to move on from a horrific ordeal, but it's also learning that sometimes you have to make a stand.  And making a stand means not always doing what's easy, but doing what's right.  

Part is watching Lucas grow from who he was into who he is supposed to be with the help of this girl he had dreamed about for so long. And part is being immersed in the romance.

There are so many good moments in this story I'm afraid if I started to  mention them all it would sound a lot like rambling.  Suffice to say if you haven't read this one you need to.  Tammara Webber did an exceptional job here and you won't be sorry.  I wasn't.


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