Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Whole Truth and Nothing But...

Okay so this week has been all about Book Hungry, the on line book club that was established with a couple of my fellow tweeters.  You can catch up on all their blogs if you peruse my blog roll to the left.

We are on the countdown to the big reveal tomorrow!  Yay us!  I know.  We are all pretty excited too. 

As I was working on my post for the first novel which is in the young adult genre I realized that I should probably come clean about a couple of things.  I would not normally choose a YA novel for reading, but this was a book club.  So when I read the back of the first book, and I am admit this but I almost, almost didn't read it.

I was positive I would not like it and this was only confirmed as I started the first chapter.  I did not want to spend hours reading a book I would have no enjoyment in.  I had already done that with New Moon and promised myself I would never read another book that didn't capture my attention from the very start.

To be honest a big part of the turn off was the description of the book. 

There were moments I could see myself paying my niece to read the book and give me her version in order to write up a posting.  Once I realized that would not necessarily be pushing her toward a life of crime but was in no way contributing to instilling good values I abandoned that route.  What was I going to do?  Than, Shazzam, lighting strike.  I would go to wikipedia.  I could get the Campbell's condensed version right there, write my posting with no one being the wiser.

Fingers hovering over the key that would give me my answer, it dawned on me.  That's right my very own epiphany about reading.  There was no way I was ever going to grow as a person or a reader if I didn't embrace things that I may not necessarily want to do.  So the book didn't sound so great.  I could get through it, and I might actually learn something on the other side.  Besides, isn't that the whole point of the book club to begin with.  Read selections from the other members and have wonderful intellectual conversations about them.

So yes ladies and gentlemen at the end of the day I honored my commitment and read the book.  Which one you ask.  Well, now, you will just have to come back tomorrow to find out but in the meantime tell me about the last book that you read and absolutely loved.  Loved it so much you wanted everyone to read it.  I need some inspiration, after all eventually I will have to pick a book for all of us to read.


Jeannie said...

I'm a voracious romance reader, but I never read historical or regency. I was constantly being referred to a writer named Tessa Dare who wrote historical romance. Well, I read one of her books and I'm hooked. These are not your mama's bodice rippers. I've now discovered I also adore historical writers Sherry Thomas, Eloisa James and Courtney Milan, and all I can say is I'm glad I tried something new.

Candyland said...

You tease:)

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Haha, I believe we specifically told you NOT to read the blurb! It would've saved you so much mental anguish!

That said, I usually hate books other people recommend to me, so I COMPLETELY understand where you were coming from. ;)

abby mumford said...

umm, if memory serves, you got your new iPad right around the time we picked the august selection. isn't that reason enough to read a book? because you can READ IT ON YOUR iPAD?!? i wish i could have removed the book jacket from the iPad version because, as E said, it would have saved you loads of mental turmoil.

in other news, i don't really like giving or receiving book recommendations until i know the person's reading habits or if they're a proven good book suggester.

unless it's [title redacted]. then i know i'm safe recommending it to anyone and everyone.

you hear that world? go read [title redacted] in either book or digital format. you won't regret it.

Linda G. said...

Gaaah. The suspense is killing me!