Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am not upset: should I be?

For whatever reason, as I blog I seem to stumble on to a topic and beat use it until I wear it out week after week.  This week that topic seems to be about my husband.

In June he had a mishap and hurt himself while trikkeing.  Even now, a few months later, I cannot write that without laughing.  Especially since he was cloaked in cockiness as he explained to me that yes, eventually I too would get the hang of it.

Since that mishap he has been, what is the word I am looking for here?  Yes, I know.  Scared.  He has been a little leery of getting back on the trikke and starting over again.  In his defense he did tear a ligament in his ankle that still bothers him a little bit every once in a while. 

Instead, we have been walking in the evenings.  It helps us both wind down after a trying day and lately they seem to be more so.  I just happen to have too many irons in the fire right now and I am really afraid one of them is going roll out and start a blaze that may be too big for me to control.  (Hey I told you guys I was a drama queen, don't worry it comes naturally as I am a decendant of the true line of drama queens.  Gram would be so proud.)

Anyway, last night I innocently asked if he had been reading my blogs.  Turns out he hasn't.  Quite honestly I don't know how I feel about that.  Should I be upset that he does not take the time to stop at some point in his day and read these words that I labor over day after day? (Little bit of drama queen action right there.)  Or should I be relieved and take that to mean that as long as he isn't reading I can pretty much use anything I want for fodder for my daily dose of Kellytime (when you say kellytime is should kind of ring of hammertime with the music and everything)?

As you all know I adore him, but he has struggled with dyslexia his whole life before being diagnosed as a an adult at the age of 22.  So I decided that I would cut him a little slack in the reading of the blog department but it did get me to thinking.  For you faithful readers out there do your significant others read your blogs?  Do they read your works-in-progress?  And if so how does that work out for you? 


Anonymous said...

My husband has told me point blank that the only way he'll ever know what any book I write is about is if they make it a movie. When I called him on it a couple of months ago he insisted he was just joking but he still wouldn't read it because he's not a reader and could care less about faeries or witches or girls who get PMS. He's harsh but it's not his thing so he would just avoid it.

Linda G. said...

First, I LOVE that tiara! You must use it as your avatar for the next #tiaraday on Twitter.

Re hubs reading blog: yeah, TG does usually read mine, unless he's really snowed under at work. Says it makes him laugh.

He doesn't read my books, though. Says he wants to save that for when they're published. ;) (Honestly? This is a good thing. I don't like anyone reading over my shoulder while I'm writing. It inhibits me.)

Harley May said...

Hey Kelly. I don't think you should be upset by this. My husband doesn't read my stuff, either (well, one time he admitted to it). If I write something specifically about him, I clear it with him first, but other than that he rarely reads my work.

I'm also fine with this. Reason: Writing is MY thing. It is the one thing I have to myself. Yes, I write about being a wife and a mother, but that is for ME. We are a couple, a unit, one flesh, but I'm still an individual with my own wants and dreams. I'm glad to have him seperate of my writing/reading world.

My husband is very supportive of everything I do, but I like that we have our own interests.

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

My hubby asked me this morning if I had posted anything new lately. I post every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Oh well. I suppose that means I could rant about him on my blog (he does follow me on FB and Twitter). But that would probably be the one day he read it. LOL

pseudosu said...

Ha! Oh, so glad to hear I'm not alone-- my hubs doesn't read my blog either-- or any of my writing. He HATES reading. He actually told me if I even got anything published that got made into a movie he'd *probably* go to the movie, but still wouldn't read the book!
Every once in a while he checks my blog, but mostly to make sure I haven't made good on recent threats to post unflattering pic of him in socks and a flannel shirt cuddling our two cats.

LReneeS said...

I don't think you're being a drama queen, but I also don't think we can really expect for the ones we love to read everything we write. I can see why it bothers you, though.
I just started my blog back in... Uh end of June perhaps? My boyfriend hasn't really gotten a chance to read any of it yet since he's so busy with sailing and such, but I think eventually I might hint to him to check it out. He will, however, read my stories when he has the chance. While he hasn't read too far in my book, he always knows how to get my confidence level up and he'll encourage me to continue to ramble on about my writing even when I believe it bores them. How can you know when you've bored them?
Ha ha, well anyways.... For me I'm more grateful if he reads my stories than my blog because I mostly just rant on about my writing on my blog, so it probably isn't all that interesting. Still, anything he gets the chance to read he comments positively about and encourages me to keep going so I love him for that.

Did I say way too much again? Lol, sorry!

Happy writing,
author of the Magicians series

Patty Blount said...

I agree, this is a perfect Tiara Day headpiece! Flaunt it!

As for the rest, I am right there with you.

My husband is also learning-disabled. Not sure if it's truly dyslexia or not, but he hates to read. "Patricia" confounds him; he just hands me any forms on which he must put my legal name.

He has read only one thing I've written and that was my hockey dad murder mystery. To be honest, it bugs me endlessly.

I want him to be proud of my work, the results of my work and see my progress, my achievements. I feel like we can't share this journey because I'm taking it all alone.

But, then I thought that over. He will look over my post-it note wall and my mind maps and endlessly let me drone on about plot and structure and conflict. He'll even give me advice on what he thinks will make the story tighter, crisper. And then I find myself turning my nose at his suggestions. After all, what does he know? He never reads books!

*sighs* I'll have to think about this more. I feel like I'm being unjust to him now.

Jessica Lemmon said...

My husband reads my blog sometimes. And, yes, I did get a little DQ about it, for the same reason you did - I labored and worked on those words! But also b/c I want to know if he laughed when he read what I said about him. And, I do write about or mention him often. Let's face it, I have dogs and Mr. Lemmony, so he comes up quite a bit.

The book I've written? The one I'm writing? He doesn't read those, but in his defense, he doesn't read much fiction, prefers the motivational-how-to-be-a-better-person stuff.

Plus, he feels as if he's heard most of it already since we often have Hot Tub Board Meetings to discuss holes in the plot. The nice thing about HTBM is that a) he can't go anywhere and has to listen to me go on and on...

The downfall is b) Uh, I'm in the hot tub and laptops or pens/paper do not go well with water.

Candyland said...

OMG!!!!! MY husband and I just had a "discussion" (me talking at him in a stern voice) about him not reading my blog regularly and how upset it made me! I don't think you're being dramatic.

My reasoning is, we don't talk a whole lot so when I spill it to the world, you'd think he'd want to see what I'm saying...but apparently not...he's a dude. That's what dudes do.

Kelly Breakey said...

Again, you guys came through for me in such a big way. I love that about all of you so thanks!

You all gave me a lot to think about and please don't think that it is not appreciated because it is.

Write on!

Alyson Peterson said...

Um... I don't like my hubby to read my blog. I get some weird looks from him when he does and I wonder if he thinks I am getting crazier the longer we are together. I smile and tell him that if I got nuts it because he got me there!