Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hunger Games left hungry for more...

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Hunger Games by Susan Collins was one of the most not anticipated books I have ever had the pleasure to read.  

Ms. Collins portrayal of a post Apocalyptic America with one capitol and its twelve districts takes us on a journey that is trying and brutal as well as altruistic and humane.  Her innate mastery of the art of suspense pulls you from the very first chapter. 

As the story unfolds we are introduced to Katniss Everdeen, our sixteen year old heroine who volunteers to take her younger sisters place at the yearly Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games were created by the Capitol to remind the districts of their powerless existence and dependence on the Capitol.  The games themselves play out in a reality TV sort of way, with the winner emerging only at the cost of every other players life.

Every year two children, called tributes, from each district are chosen to participate.  The pomp and circumstance that surrounds these games is reminiscent of the Olympics with the excess and grotesque overindulgence of the Capitol shining through dramatically, especially when juxtaposed to the poor and dismal existence of the districts.  

The other tribute selected from District 12 is a young man named Peeta whose character shines so brightly through out this book for a number of reasons.  His desire to not become less than who he is once he enters the arena gives us a glimpse of the man he would become should he leave the arena a winner.  

His dedication to Katniss, is truly a knight in shining armor sort that does not lose its sparkle even when they are pitted against one another inside of the arena. 

There were moments in this story that swept me away so completely I forgot I was reading a story.  I became so engrossed in Katniss' struggle to emerge victorious for reasons other than fame and fortune that I found myself routing for a better ending than what I knew was coming.  Her courage in the face of such overwhelming odds was absolutely heartbreaking and Susan Collins really delivers with this wonderful breakout book.

Have you been lucky enough to read this book.  If so, tell me what you thought of it?  If not tell me if this review has now compelled you to want to read it.  


Linda G. said...

Not yet, but, after reading all these wonderful reviews of it, I guess I'm going to have to.

abby mumford said...

i am pleased that we have another convert.

team collins!

Patty Blount said...

Yes, Team Collins sums it up nicely.

Great post, Kelly!

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Ooh, Team Collins! I like that.

And yeah, so suspenseful. I CANNOT wait for Mockingjay. Need to know how these crazy kids are doing. I need to!! :) This was such a lovely review, Kelly.

Cynthia Reese said...

You captured it nicely: wanting a better ending than what I knew was coming -- and yet, against all odds, Collins does it while staying true to the characters.

Excellent book! Team Collins indeed!

P.S. Too funny -- my word verification? It's BINGE. Yup, that's what I did with HUNGER GAMES. I BINGED.

Jeannie said... good. And Catching Fire is incredible, too. Can't wait to read Mockingjay!

Harley May said...

I. Loved. These. Books.

That is all.

Karla Nellenbach said...

such a great job summing this book up! *sigh* I CANT wait for MOCKINGJAY!!! :)