Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's in a name: Everything.

Our book club has finally found a name.  

Book Hungry!

Pretty cool huh?  I think the vote was pretty much unanimous on the selection.  We tossed around a couple of different names but everyone kept coming back to this one. I believe it did have something to with our first book choice.  But atlas, I cannot divulge the name until Thursday.  In case you missed it, there was a hint buried in that sentence.

Now early on we decided their should be a couple of guidelines.  Not rules per say, because we are a gaggle of gals who do not particularly care for rules or rules that pertain to how we conduct ourselves when it comes to the discussions of our book choices.  But in this case since we are so scattered all over the country (how cool it that?) guidelines help us do this better.  

Pretty simple rules really.  Oops, did I say rules.  

1.  We will select one book per month to read and review.  
2.  We will take turns picking out the book of the month.  (Next up the great Cynthia Reese will be selecting.)
3.  We will have a very spirited debate/discussion/love fest via email for a couple of days.
4.  Each one of us will post a book review on our blog.
5.  The posts go up the third Thursday of the month. 
6.  Since our posts can be about whatever we want, we will be linking back to each others posts in order to encourage what we hope to be an even broader discussion of our book choices.

The ladies of my fiction faction are pretty cool and you can find direct links to their blogs on my blog roll right here to the left, so if you haven't already, check them out.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Our book club is not closed and un-joinable so if you have a desire to join this band of bookateers all you have to do is say so.  The more the merrier.  And if your not that's okay too, just stop by on the third Thursday and tell me what you think about whatever book it was that we read.

Are you in a bookclub?  Have you ever been?  Tell me about it?  Do you have any recommendations that will help us make our book club better?  Please share.


Candyland said...

I'm not in one, I've never been in one and I have no recommendations, lol!!!

Jessica Lemmon said...

I've never experienced a book club, but love the idea of it. Everyone being on the *same page* and all (snork!)

I'll def check back, a coupla you are on my "regular blog reads" list. :-)

Jeannie said...

I've been in two book clubs. One was through work and the other teachers and I would get together after school every six weeks or so to talk about our read. It would involve dinner and wine and we got to the book for about 15 minutes.

The other was a mother-daughter book club. The girls picked the books and all of us would get together at someone's house for the discussion. For a while it was great...until the girls hit puberty.

Both were fun, though. I'll check back with yours to see how things are going. Have a good time with it. :-)

Linda G. said...

LOVE the name of your book club!

I've never belonged to one myself, mainly because, as a lit major, I had my fill of assigned reading back in college. ;) I love book recommendations, but only want to read them when I want to read them.

abby mumford said...

this is my very first book club experience. i'm so glad y'all are my firsts!

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Sounds totally awesome! And I love the name!

Kelly Breakey said...

Candy: I think you would be a great addition to any book club, especially with that bubbly personality.

Jessica: Come on back and tell us what you think of our pick.

Jeannie: I love the idea of a book club you get to do with your daughter. How awesome. I wish my Gram and I had something like that, but I guess we did. Only we were the only members.

Linda: You are the excuse queen, but if you ever change your mind, come on over.

Abby: Me too!

Elizabeth: Thanks for the support and if you decide you want in let us know.

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Aw thanks! I'd be honored, and I'd love to. But I don't have much time for reading these days. And I don't make commitments I can't keep. ;)

Patty Blount said...

I have never done this before and always wanted to. I found a copy of The Road on a plane and read it and my gosh, I hated that book. It's not badly written at all. I just hated how utterly defeated I felt at the end of it. I got into a huge debate over it at some party and came to appreciate the story at a new level.

Even with the selection we unveil tomorrow, hearing out my twitta sistas felt about the story opened my eyes to things I hadn't noticed. I got to appreciate the story X times over (for each member in our group).

Awesome. Really! Hope you enjoy our reviews tomorrow.