Friday, August 6, 2010

Random Facts I needed to share

So yesterday over at @Candylandgang blog where she dissed her cat in her musings about random things.  It got me to thinking.  Yes, I do that sometimes.  So today I decided to share some random facts with you guys about me.  Which is convenient, as I am an expert on the subject.  I am sure she won't mind, in fact isn't imitation the biggest form of flattery?  That sounds a lot better than saying I stole her idea.  Which I DID NOT do.  *wink wink*

Random Fact #1.  Daisy's are my favorite flower.  Because they are such happy flowers and they always, ALWAYS make me smile. 

Random Fact #2.  I am actually pretty fluent in a second language.  You are shocked.  I can tell.  What? No, it's not French.  I actually speak geek pretty well.  Yes, that is spelled correctly and no I didn't mean greek.  I eat greek, but I don't speak it.

Random Fact #3.  I love reading how-to books.  Seriously. 

Random Fact #4.  I have a huge cook-book collection that doubled in size after my Grandmother passed away. My oldest cookbook came from her and was published in 1942.

Random Fact #5.  I got an iPad two weeks ago.  (I can't believe it's only been two weeks) And now I wonder how I ever lived without it.  It hasn't made my kindle obsolete.  Yet.  Mainly because the screen is hard to read in direct sunlight and that is where I do alot of my reading.  On the beach.  Don't hate, I didn't tell the rest of the world to live anywhere else, now did I?

Random Fact #6.  I met my husband and married him exactly six months later.  Everyone made book on how long we would last.  I am talking about our friends here people.  Exactly one year later I won almost five hundred dollars when we were still together.  Betting on myself has always been a sure thing.

Random Fact #7.  When I was younger I always laughed when my older female relatives would get "ma'am'ed" and moan about it.  It never bothered me when a younger person (a kid) would say it to me because I would always think to myself..."You're Momma is raising you right."  The first time an adult male said m'am to me I looked behind me to see who he was talking to.  My husband fell over laughing at the comical expression on my face.  He pointed out to me that even though he was an adult male he was only in his twenties and I probably did seem like a ma'am to him.  Yes, my husband is still walking without the aid of cane, but it was close.  I remember it like it was last weekend.  Oh, snap, it was last weekend.

Aren't you glad I shared all of that with you guys today?

So give me a random fact about you.  I love to hear from you guys.


Candyland said...

HA! Take my ideas anytime! I love learning about blog buds. I've always got another random trick up my sleev, let's see...
I use my fingers to tear apart ALL of my food. Like a squirrel.

Patty Blount said...

Love the random facts. Fun stuff. I'm right there with you on 2, 3 and 4.

Here's a random fact about me - I cannot climb a flight of stairs unless I count each step. I trip if I don't count.

Linda G. said...

I love your random facts.:)

Random fact about me: I hate crowds.

Al said...

Fact # 3 probably helps explain fact #2 :-)
Random fact about me: my eyes seem to change colour between green and brown. My daughter's do the same thing only between blue and grey.

Jessica said...

I love your random fact #6. My hubs & I married just 10 months after knowing each other (would have been sooner but I wanted an Oct wedding) and have been together 12 yrs.

Also, my fave quote by you: "Betting on myself has always been a sure thing" I LOVE THIS.

Random fact about me? I talk while I cook. Like I'm on the Food Network, channeling my inner Giada DeLaurentis. ;)

abby mumford said...

LOVE this.

random fact about me? those starlite peppermints make me nervous. my mom and i were chatting and i had just put one in my mouth when she correctly guessed my crush. i sucked in with surprise and choked on the mint. (obviously, i'm fine, and yes, i've eaten them since because i love mint, but i still get nervous eating one!)