Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Butterfly's...Oh My!

It was ten years later before I got up the nerve to get my second tattoo.

We were in Florida for four years when Captain Kid left the Navy.  The job he took after kept him on the road more than he was home.  

Before we knew it our roles in the household had changed.  No longer was I solely responsible for just maintaining the interior of the house.  Now I was responsible for everything. 

It was hard, and sometimes discouraging, but during this time I never let on how overwhelmed I really felt.  He was doing what he was doing for our family and I was proud of him.

Besides, during this time I learned not only how to change the oil in my car, balance a checkbook and mow the lawn, I learned that I was a pretty tough chick.  It just took this major change in our lives for me to figure out that I was way more resilient than I had ever given myself credit for. 
Getting the butterfly was my way of embracing the new roles I found myself faced with.  Not only that but the new role fit me pretty well too.

Remember yesterday when I said the first one hurt.  Well I forgot that in the time it took me to decide I needed a second one.  

This one I actually designed myself.  Pretty good huh?   


Karla Nellenbach said...

Very nice! I love butterflies, and they mean so much. I, too, have one. I got it just after a particularly trying time in my life, and I just felt like it symbolized how very much I'd changed (for the better) because of my experiences :)

Linda G. said...

Beautiful! Perfect symbolism for that time of change in your life, too. :)

Candyland said...

Butterflies are awesome. That's a pretty nice one too. So how many tats do you have now? I'm working on the 6th.

Margaret said...

Whoa! Way to Rosie the Riveter it up. :-D

I hope I never have to mow the lawn.

Nice tattoo!

Patty Blount said...

I love the symbolism, too. You're still awfully quiet about where the tats are...

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Pretty! Nice design, Kelly.

LReneeS said...

Wow, I got to give you credit for getting tatoos. I would NEVER get that done myself.

Sorry to hear your grandmother died.

I was another blog and I think you were the one who mentioned about those stupid FWD emails. I just thought I'd stop in and tell you I'm right there with you. Those are so annoying and no one can ever explain why they send them.
Happy writing,

P.S. Would you mind following my blog? Thanks!