Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Song Remembers When

Me and Grandma circa a long time ago
Monday marked the two year anniversary of my Grandmother's death.

It has been a hard week.  But a week spent with me doing a lot of reflecting on my life and where it is going.  
You would think that would have been sad right.  Nope.  Instead I have been filled with a light this week that I can only assume came from her.  Her memories.  Her watching over me.  Corny?  Okay, I can live with that.

While she was alive she lived everyday based on an ethical code that was unbendable.  My Gram, was the best lady I ever knew.  She was emphatic in her beliefs.  God was good.  Or, I should say, God IS good.  Period.  She was devout in her faith and never apologized for it.  

She believed that all women were made to be unbreakable.  There are life lessons, too many for me to share with you today, that I will never forget.  She taught me through her actions, not her words.  Words, well she taught me to love those too, but wanted me to always understand their power.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.  It kind of speaks for itself.  

When I told her I had joined the Navy she was numb with shock.  Not because she didn't think it was a good idea, but because she never expected it of me.  I had never talked about the Navy with her.  I never hinted that it was something that I wanted to do.  I never eluded to the fact that I worried what would happen to me since college was only an option if I worked two jobs and put myself through school at night.

After I enlisted my grandmother told me that she had wanted to join the Army and become a Wave and the only reason she didn't was because her mother begged her not to.  In later years after my service in the Navy was over she would tell me how proud she was and how she wished she had the courage I did when she was younger to follow her dreams.  She displayed my service portrait proudly, even after my Navy days. 

I had decided originally I was not going to do a post on her and how much I miss her because it seemed wrong somehow.  But how can I not?  This lady who made such a big impression on me.  I wish you all could have known her.  There is sadness in her no longer being here, but I still hear her voice in my head when faced with a choice, or when a certain song comes on the radio, and with that, there is always joy.

Tell me about the person in your life who has had that lingering effect on you.


Patty Blount said...

Kelly. First, here's a hug. *hug* Second, your Gram sounds like a smart and wonderful lady. You're lucky you had enough time with her to form lingering memories that make you smile and help you make the right decisions.

For me, that person was my grandfather. He died when I was 14. When I was little, every year on Father's Day, we always bought him peppermint Lifesavers that came in a book (HA. The irony in that just made me smile.) And suede slippers. He loved those things. The thing I remember most is how well he loved me. No conditions. It was complete and total to make up for my dad, who often goes years without speaking to me.

Linda G. said...

Awww. You made me shed a tear. Your grandmother sounds like she was a wonderful woman--you're so lucky you had the chance to know her. :)

For me, I'd have to say my dad. He died when I was twelve, but I still feel him with me, loving me unconditionally.

Candyland said...

She sounds just like my Gram. Sorry for your loss. Even after all this time, it still hurts a little, I'm sure.

My Gram took care of me when no one else did. She's an amazing woman.

Jessica Lemmon said...

Ah, I love this post. It's so bittersweet to remember those we've lost, but I can relate. Still, I think about my Grandpa. He's been gone for 10 years this November, but every time the weather shifts, I am filled with memories of him.

He was an uncomplicated man, but loved me with such ferocity that it was hard to believe that we weren't related (he adopted my mother).

Thank you for giving me a reason to think of him today!

Alyson Peterson said...

My dad is dying. I never really have much thought to how much he has deeply impacted my life, but now, looking back, it is scary. Dealing with loss is never easy!

Alyce said...

Your Gram lives on in these words.
I'm glad you wrote about her today and gave us a tiny glimpse of the great woman she was.
I wish I had known her too.

Jessie Mac said...

Kelly, thanks for sharing your memories. It's wonderful that you felt such a connection with your Gram.

The person most important to me is my mother. She inspires me and makes me strong. I don't show her that I care enough I'm sure. She is still here with me. But I can say that how you felt about your Gram is how I feel about my mother.