Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sometimes you gotta let the man be the man

I love my husband.  He is the best man I have ever known.  Plus he gets me.  Every little quirky thing about me and he loves me anyway. 

When I got married my Gram told me to remember to always let him be the man.  (I guess I had a tendency to emasculate some of them.  I don't know.) I have never had to worry about that with Captain Kid.  He doesn't threaten too easy.  Besides, he appreciates the fact that I am take charge kind of gal.

One of the things I love best about him is he is the most easy going person you will ever meet.  It takes a whole lot to ruffle his feathers.  But when they get ruffled watch out.

A couple of boating seasons ago, when we had the baby boat, it was in the shop for its yearly update, plus there was some engine problem that needed to be addressed.  My husband was the one that took it and dropped it off.  He left instructions with the guys to "just get to it as soon as you can."

After the second month of not hearing anything I pointed out that with company coming to town we may want to call and check.

Captain Kid shrugged it off and assured me it would get taken care of in time.  I wasn't so optimistic but I kept it to myself.

The Monday before our company arrives, he calls me very upset.  It seems that boat guy really didn't understand after all.  Shocking!  They haven't even looked at baby boat yet.  Can I believe that?  He has no idea what we are supposed to do now, we need our boat. 

I tried to ask questions but it became pretty clear pretty quickly that he was not coherent enough to answer any of them.  From what I gathered by the ranting and raving coming through the phone, boat guy may have been born out of wedlock and his mother's moral code was under scrutiny too.  He also let boat guy know how extremely unhappy he was. 

I tried to calm him down as best I could but I had left my cape home that day (Confessions of a Super Hero ) it was being dry cleaned, so I was not much help.  I had the audacity to suggest he should explain our situation; boat guy may be more inclined to help out.  Wrong answer.  After we got off the phone I decided to give boat guy a call and find out what was going on.

Boat guy wasn't braying over the phone so I was convinced that Captain Kid had it wrong when he said he was a jack ass.  In fact he was very nice.  He explained that when my husband had brought in the boat he said there was no rush.  Translated; that means whoever screams the loudest is going first.  After a few minutes of me explaining our situation, I asked if he could just take a look at it and let me know how long before he could get to it. 

About thirty minutes later I got a call back advising that the engine problem had been minor and the tune up could be done by the next day.  Hallelujah!

I asked boat guy to call Captain Kid.  I started to explain that it would be better coming from him, and let's face it boat guy didn't want to alienate my husband.  This guy was no dummy and agreed to do it right away. 

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang.

Captain Kid "Hey I just heard back from boat guy."

Me  "Oh."

Captain Kid "Yeah, he finally got his head out of his ass.  They can have it all done by tomorrow for me to pick up after work."

Me "Honey, that's great.  I guess it worked out after all."

Captain Kid sighed "Sometimes you just don't get it.  They don't always respond to that nice crap.  He didn't care that we had company coming in.  What he did understand was me taking my business elsewhere.  Now I don't have too."

Me "I am just really glad it worked out."

Capatain Kid "Sometimes it just works out better if you let me handle these things my way."

I guess Gram knew what she was talking about after all.


Karla Nellenbach said...

hahaha! you were the invisible superhero that day! Glad it all worked out!

Patty Blount said...

This a lesson I am making a note of. My husband's an aircraft mechanic. He fixes all our cars not because he likes it, but because it's cheaper. I was ordered to take his car to work one day last week. I arrived home to find not only him, but two coworkers under the hood, fixing whatever it was that was wrong.

I was furious with him for taking on a big project when he was planning to go away for the long weekend.

His reply: "I couldn't leave town knowing you were driving a bad car."

Erica Chapman said...

LOL - Oh it's so true too, the small sacrifices ;o) Glad you got the boat back!