Thursday, June 24, 2010

Real Friends are Forever

How many friends do you have?  I am talking about the kind of friends you can count on when the chips are down. 

Me?  I can count on one hand the number of BFF's I have.  They are all fantastic and bring supremely different things to my life.

Recently I was reminded how important it is to hang on to those friends and remind them why they are so important to you.  If you have a moment I would like to introduce you to them.

Sister of my heart
Marylee.  The sister of my heart.  We have seen each other through the ups and the downs.  We have held hands through a divorce, three babies and countless other tragedies and blessings that have befallen us.

Sarcastic Friend
Kim.  She is my sarcastic friend and the one most like me in personality, a fact that she would vehemently deny. I am lucky to have her, which she reminds me of on a daily basis.   I was there when she said, "I do." at her Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding in Vegas where she, as Alice, married her mad-hatter, who by the way is not mad at all.

Non Tattoo Twin (she knows!)
Valerie.  She is my seamstress friend.  One of the most talented people that i know.  We only seen each other about once a year.  But it doesn't matter because each and every time we get together we pick up right where we left off.  I am not even going to take the opportunity to rag her here about the tattoo she totally chickened out on.  Who is keeping score anyway?  Oh right, that would be me.

Most recently acquired Friend
Angela is the last of my gal pals that I want to introduce you to.  She lives the closest to me and we spend quite a bit of time together.  I am very proud of my friend.  She put herself through college and then law school all the while being very supportive to her Navy husband and raising a daughter.  Her friendship comes with no strings and I count myself lucky to count her as one of my closest friends.  And just so you know we were dressed up for Halloween.  We don't wear the witch costumes for any other reasons.  I felt we needed to clear that up.

Recently I heard from another friend that I had lost contact with a few years back.  Our parting was not on good terms but she has made an effort to track me down and start mending the fabric that was our friendship.  I am not sure if we will become what we once were but what I do know is that friendships, the good ones, can be just as important as a marriage. You have to nurture it and take care of it.  You have to show each other the value you place on it through actions and words.

It's not national friendship day or anything, I really just wanted to share.  So tell me about your best pal or pals as I am curious now.


Linda G. said...

Your friends sound great. You're lucky to have each other. :)

My very best friend is TG, my hubs. Sounds corny, but it's true. (Also sounds kind of risque when I talk about having sex with my best friend. *waggles eyebrows*)

I have a handful of really good friends, too, most of whom I've known for more than twenty years. (But I don't have sex with any of them. *grin*)

Cynthia Reese said...

Wow, what's the old saying about if you have one friend you're rich, and if you have two, you're wealthy beyond all measure? You, my dear, are a trillionaire in the friend department!

Introvert that I am, I don't have that many close friends, but the ones that are? Well, they're my 2 AM friends. If, say, I went off on an unadvised trip with Linda G, and she wound up getting us both in the hoose-gow, I could call either my sister (my BFF) or Tawna Fenske, and they'd come bail BOTH of us out. The sister would yell ... Tawna? She'd just laugh.

Karla Nellenbach said...

Aw! you have a great group there! so nice to meet them! :)

Kelly Breakey said...


I would be honored to be counted in amoung the ones you could call for laughter. I am good at that. Thanks for the comment and the follow.


You already know you Rock! Thanks.

Linda G. said...

Cynthia -- You'd better call your sister, because you KNOW Tawna would be in the hoosegow with us. ;)

Al said...

Great post.
I have friends who I almost never see now because they live in other states. Yet when I do see them it is like our conversation picks up where it left off, no matter how long has passed.

Me (The Crazy Writer Girl) said...

I have a friend like that. She is a six foot, fabulous woman who is gentle and kind and can knock the head off of anyone who hurts her pals. My list of buddies grows every year. I find that one cannot have too many excellent friends.

You, for example, are just top notch awesome.