Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Very first Blog Award

Yesterday I was contacted and advised I had received my first blog award from Karla Nellenbach who is best know to her twitter friends at @LastWord0524

I was so surprised because well to be honest, I was not even aware that I had been nominated.  Of course had I known, I would have just told anyone who asked that the honor was in the nomination alone.  (Which is a total crock.  Hey I am being honest here.  Besides I WON!)  Since I was so caught off guard I had to rely on my husband, who always comes through when I need him.  To read my acceptance speech click here

After I was contacted about my win I went right to her blog and was surprised to learn there is a certain Blog award etiquette that you have to follow.  In a nut shell I am supposed to share seven things about myself that you may not already know.  There was more, but that was the part that I got stuck on.

So, here goes.

Seven things I am sure you didn't know about me.  Or maybe you did.

1.  If I could invite three characters from any TV shows, past or present to dinner they would be in no particular order.  Josh Lyman from the West Wing.  NCIS Agent Anthony DiNozzo and Gil Grissom from CSI.

2.  I am a serious software junkie.

3.  I played the flute in the fifth grade.

4.  I have a serious crush on my husband...still.

5.  I can be bribed with bling.  (Any kind, I am not particular.)

6.  I live to boat.

7.  Best advice I ever got:  "Don't take advice from someone you wouldn't want to trade places with."

As I said there was more on the blog award stuff I am supposed to do, and I will, I just need some time to reflect and decide who my nominees will be.  But you can be sure I will write a posting about it once I do.

I also need to design my award.  I want to be original.  So stay tuned.


Karla Nellenbach said...

Please invite me to that dinner! LOL and I would like to see the award when you design it :)

Kelly Breakey said...


You are hereby invited.

I will shoot you copies of the award for approval. Promise.