Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bite Me I'm Blogging

Recently it has come to my attention that there is a certain blogger etiquette that I, as a blogging enthusiast should follow. I swear (holding hand up) I had no idea there were so many rules. I have been researching this topic as one of my MC's is going to be a professional blogger?

I was asking myself why does she blog. How long has she blogged? Do we have rules for professional bloggers?

I was very surprised when I found out there is a whole community of bloggers who think there should be rules for bloggers. In fact one blogger suggested drafting a bloggers bill of rights? (I apologize for not linking back to said blogger. After a while my head started to hurt.)

Really, Blogging etiquette? Who knew?



I don't know where the blogging police are located but based on some of the research I have done, I think they really do exist. I have never been very good with authority.

Rule #1. If someone comes to your blog and follows, you should reciprocate immediately.

Really? What if I don't like the content of their blog? Why do I have to go and follow them back? I didn't personally invite them to follow me, yes I realize that by posting to the world wide web I am "inviting" them, but you know what I mean. If this is the case what about all of the blogs that I follow because I like what they have to say. Not all of them follow me back. Am I supposed to stop following them because I don't get any blog love back? This was only one rule and already I am confused. Somebody hold me please.

The next rule that seemed to be big across the board was in regards to back linking. I agree with ideas of linking back to sites where you were mentioned, or where you received information you are using in a post. Give credit where credit is due. Especially if you use information garnered from said site.

After a couple of hours of research and a headache, I decided to create my own blogger etiquette handbook to use in said work in progress.


Since I am still working on what my blogging rules will be I would love to get feedback from you guys. What are your pet peeves when it comes to blogging and your fellow bloggers? Please share, I need inspiration here.


Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

I'm a newbie on the blogosphere, and I had no idea there were so many rules, either. It makes me a little bit crazy. How are we supposed to know all this stuff? And who decided on the rules anyway?

I wish at least half of the people whose blogs I follow would follow me back. Then my blog wouldn't look so pathetic. LOL

Linda G. said...

Ack! There are rules? Why wasn't I told? Now I'm paranoid--I'm sure I'm not doing it right. Please let me know immediately when you blog about the rules, so I can read them and figure out what the heck I'm supposed to be doing.

Also, I will link to them from my blog. (But only if you link back to me. And then I will link back to your link to me, and you can link back to my link-back, and...)

Kelly Breakey said...


I know right? The good news is, just keep doing what you are doing and they will come. I believe.


and than I can re-link back to you but only after I write a blog giving you full credit for all of the...anyway, you get it.

Thanks for stopping by ladies.

Karla Nellenbach said...

it is somewhat mind-numbing, isn't it? I myself subscribe to the rule that if you like it, follow. If someone follows you, you should at least visit their blog to see whether you might be interested, but you shouldnt be required to reciprocate. I follow a lot of people that don't follow me back, but I also have some followers that I don't follow. I guess it all works out :)

Kelly Breakey said...


Absolutely. I only started the research b/c I was curious. I think we should try to be courteous and respectful but not at the cost of following everyone you meet on twitter. Besides some of them are just not that interesting. Thanks for the comment and I love when you come to visit.