Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twitter You Tease

Yesterday Twitter was a tease.

And not a very nice tease at that.

I couldn't get my tweet deck to work and never mind about tweeting from the desktop.  That stupid whale kept cropping up saying that twitter was over capacity.  What does that even mean?   How dare twitter be over capacity.

So instead of getting angry and stomping around my office.  (I have been off twitter for a couple of days for vacation and while I can quit anytime I want I hate interventions) I forced myself to do what I always do when faced with something I don't like.  I looked for the silver lining.  (It was too early in the day to start drinking.)

And looked.

And looked.

And you know what?  I didn't find it. 

Twitter sucked me in with its snazzy 140 characters or less instant message system.  It seduced me with all of the new friends I have made.  It tricked me into trying new things and convinced me that blogging was a good thing too.

And how does twitter repay me today?  It stopped working.  Right when I needed it most.  

I missed important conversations regarding Firefly.  I missed blog updates from my tried and true's.  I missed being there in real time when my tweeps needed me most.  Okay, that is a little melodramatic, but you get my meaning.

It's going to take a couple of days for me to forgive twitter, if I ever do.

Oh who am I kidding.  I won't be able to live without it.

Don't look now, Twitter here I come!


Karla Nellenbach said...

ahahaha! i know how you feel! Twitter sucked me in, too, and now, i dont really know how i ever lived without it :(

Linda G. said...

LOL! Oh, how I can identify! A friend of mine sucked me into the Twitter abyss, and I've been stuck ever since. Though I'm sure I could quit anytime I wanted to. ;)

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Seriously! I thought Twitter had to be ridiculously dumb and resisted it forever. But now I love it and I'm not sure how to get through the day without it.

That said, due to an incident with an insane fifth grade teacher, I have never liked whales. I actively dislike them, as a matter of fact (not that I wish them harm, I just want NOTHING to do with them). Twitter is not helping shift this opinion at all.

Kelly Breakey said...


It seems that we have all been hoodwinked by the little bird that is twitter. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It makes me feel less alone in my blogesphere.


Dr. Goose said...


Twitter needs you just as much as you need twitter.

Crazy Writer Girl said...

I eat and breathe twitter, but mostly because you are on it! xx