Sunday, June 27, 2010

With a little help from my friends

So life is pretty great.

I have a fantastic husband.

A beautiful home and a wonderful life.  

Does that sound sappy?  If so I can live with that.  

But this past week was trying.  My husband, whom I adore, was injured.  I had convinced him that with the heat of the day we should complete our work-outs first thing in the morning.  He agreed.  Wednesday would have marked the start of that.  Unfortunately before he even got out of the drive he had a run in with his trikke.

I had started down the street before him, which is normal.  He usually overtakes me pretty quickly because he is really good at this.  But on that morning he went one way and his trikke went another.  Unfortunately when he went down he heard a pop.  

We went to the ER.  It was early so we made good time.  Even though it was barely 5:30 AM it still took us over an hour to be seen by a doctor.  No other patients were present, but we still had to wait.  Oh, the joy of the health care system.

The doctor said he was supposed to stay in bed until yesterday.  That lasted, oh, seven hours.  He cannot stand to be stuck.  Anywhere.  It drives him crazy when he is immobile for any length of time, and guess who gets to go with him?  I know, but that is just one of the perks of marriage.

By Friday he was insisting that he needed to get out of the house.  Being the awesome wife that I am, I took him out for dinner and a walk on the beach.  I know, but he insisted.  Did I mention that he is hard headed? 

He is officially off the bed rest moratorium now and feeling much better.  So tomorrow we should be able to get back to normal, or as normal as he can moving at the speed of cockroach.  

I wanted to say thanks to all my twitter friends for the good wishes and funny thoughts they shared.  Sometimes the littlest things are the biggest help.  



Me (The Crazy Writer Girl) said...

I hope Capt Kid gets feeling top notch soon! Hubbies can be crabby when they are down and I think you are just fabulous to be so understanding!

Al said...

what a pain (literally too I suppose).
Hope hubby behaves himself, it will make recovery quicker.
I know I always feel so helpless when one of my loved ones is hurt, so hang in there.

Linda G. said...

Aw, it's rotten when husbands are hurt--glad he's feeling better. :)