Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Pages I Was Between This Month

In September I got my read on.  For those of you in the know, I love to read and  was able to spend some quality time with my kindle.

Here is my book list from the last month.

Next month it's going to be my turn to offer up the bookhungry read.  I have been revisiting some of my favorite titles in the hopes of finding something awesome to offer.  One set of books that I read a couple of years ago was Kathryn Shay's Hidden Cove Firefighting Trilogy.  I was so happy when she started putting her back list in ebook format.  I immediately went to Amazon and bought these three up for my kindle.  I had to re-read them immediately.  Great news; they stood the test of time.   After the Fire, On The Line and Nothing More to Lose.  Right now you can get them on Amazon for $2.99/$3.99/$3.99 each.  If you haven't read them; go and get them right now.  I promise you won't be disappointed.
The next selection of books I read was the first two books in the Stepp Sister Trilogy.  Getting What you Want and Wanting What You Get.  The first one wasn't so impressive, but I did enjoy the second one.  I haven't decided if I want to invest in the third one yet.

After a discussion with a good friend, I found myself going back for another re-read.  This one was Susan Mallery's Tempted.  Love this one too!  This is the last in a four book series.  I liked all of the books, but the last one of the series just stayed with me.

I checked out Heaven Is For Real, a book that I am still thinking about now, but am unsure of my final thoughts.

As a huge Day Leclaire fan I am currently downloading and reading her back list books.  This month I took on Shotgun Marriage and Long Lost Bride. 

I found a new author this month that I had never read before.  Jaci Burton.  I took in her Dare to Love which I found enjoyable.  She has a series that I am hoping to get to next month or at least before the end of the year.  So many books; so little time.

I rounded out the month with some Christmas stories.  I know, I know, it's not time for the holidays yet.  But I found some good ones really inexpensive so I decided to check them out.  Shannon Stacey is a new author that I discovered at the beginning of July, I picked up two of her holiday novella's.  Holiday Spark's and In the Spirit.    I also picked up one of Jaci Burton's holiday novella's All She Wants for Christmas.
So check back next month and I'm hoping to have some new reads to offer up.


abby mumford said...

whew! you sure are getting your read on. fun fun!

Jessica Lemmon said...

*gasp!* I read the first Stepp sister book ANNUALLY! My fave! Ironically, it was the second one that left me MEH. The third one is awesome, if not for the most unique hero, a hero that is, actually, guilty of being a giant jerk-face (that's a technical term). Also have read Heaven is for Real and was duly impressed... Too much to say about it here. We have very similar book likes, m'lady, most ppl I know on goodreads don't even read what I read! Stop by the blog, speaking of, for a book giveaway! Vampires, funny, sexy ones... ;)