Friday, October 28, 2011

The "F" Story??

Wednesday's posting was about my learning a new skill.  Yay me!  And of course the jigsaw. 

Does anyone have anything that needs to be sawed?  Seriously I can do it for you.  I even got my own saw.  Well, sorta, it’s not really mine.  Belongs to the hubs, and he said I could use it.  Sometimes.  But I know where he keeps it, so it’s all good.  If you need something cut; call me. 

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, right.  I mentioned my posting topic to the hubs at dinner last night and he got a little panicky. 

On a side note:  What did we have you ask?  Well I made an awesome low carb ham in the oven.  I will get leftovers from that baby for the rest of the week.  The sides were just as spectacular.  Roasted broccoli and an amazing cauliflower dish that should not be considered good for me with all of the great stuff in it. 

But I digress.

After my initial surprise that he actually does listen when I speak of blogging and writing, I wondered out loud why he would be nervous.  He gave me his fake laugh.  You know the one that says he is uncomfortable, but doesn’t want to admit it?  Yeah, that one.  So I pushed.  Come to find out, he was a little worried that I had told you guys the “f” story. 

The “f” story?  I was flummoxed.

He clarified at the same time a light bulb went off in my head and we both said at the same time

Me:  “Oh you mean the fence story?”

Him: “I mean the futon story.”

The futon story?  Nope, not going there.

Of course I assured him that I would never do that.  Between me and you, I would never tell the futon story because I don’t come out looking so good in that one, but I would definitely tell the fence story.   Once he was properly reassured (thank God he doesn’t read my blog; and I can’t even believe I am happy about that) I started plotting how I could share these with you guys. 

Don’t worry I am going to tell both of the stories, but you have to come back for those.  

So here’s my question for the day.  Does your significant other have a phony laugh that only you recognize?  Do you?


Anne Gallagher said...

I don't have an S.O. now, but when I did I could recognize it immediately. And the "look". You know, the look that says, "yes, dear, I'm following along but have no idea what you're talking about."

Jeannie Moon said...

A fence and a futon...and we have to wait? *sulks*

Regarding the laugh, not he can't muster phony, but I do get that blank, glazed over stare every once and a while.

Linda G. said...

Yeah, I can always tell when TG isn't really amused. There's a subtle difference from his real laugh.

Have you tried making mashed cauliflower yet? It's like mashed potatoes, only low-carb. Yummy!

abby mumford said...

a fence and a futon! can't wait!

don't have a significant other, so i can only speak for me. i think we all have that fake laugh for when we know laughter is called for but we can't muster up the true thing.

Jessica Lemmon said...

Mr. Lemmony DOES have a phony laugh! I didn't know everyone had one of those! ;)