Friday, October 14, 2011

Her dress wasn't the only thing see through

It's almost that time of year again.


I love everything about this night.  We get to give out lots of candy.  Decorate our house and play dress up.  How is it that every adult doesn't love this night. 

We go all out on Halloween.  Dressing up.  Scaring the kids and decking out the house.  This year I got a great idea from a good friend Tim.  He created a skeleton wedding in his front yard.  And no I am not ashamed to say I am stealing this idea.  But since I like to play fair, I'm giving him total credit for the idea. 

We haven't decorated yet.  In fact we won't until the day before.  I promise to take pics and post them after so you can see how my yard turns out.  But here is a pic of how he did it.  I wonder what music they used as the bride walked down the isle? 

And since I am looking for more ideas for the yard and I'm not above "borrowing", tell me what you're doing to your house this year for this ghoulish night.


Linda G. said...

Oooh, I love that skeleton wedding!

We put out a Jack O'Lantern and hand out tons of candy. Used to decorate a lot more when the kiddos were little, and we could press them into the decorating work force.

cnelady said...

OOO, I will have to get your IT guy to drive me buy to peek at it on Sunday night!

abby mumford said...

i don't own my own house, so i can't properly decorate, but even if i did, i think i'd go lower key with the exterior house decorations so i could focus on my costume!

or, really, to focus on eating the candy!

i love the idea of the skeleton wedding. i can't wait to see your pics.