Friday, October 29, 2010

My Top Ten on Visiting Reality

Another plug for one of my faves on twitter and in the blog world.  If you are currently not following Mrs. Linda Grimes you need to stop reading this post right now and go and follow her.  Okay you don't really have to do it right this second...but you will after you read the following.

Linda is a freakishly awesome person who cracks me up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with her new blog updates as well as keeping me entertained with her daily micro blogging comments on twitter.  You can find her blog Visiting Reality here and she can be found on twitter right here.

Top Ten Reasons to Follow Linda Grimes

10.  Because she is an attention whore and proud of it.
9.    She has the best caption contests on the web.
8.    Need an excuse...she's got you covered.
7.    You can find her blog by googling "whip and chill" (I swear this is true.  She said it, I tried it and I did.)
6.    She believes that chocolate is a cure all, and since that is true...well need I say more?  Plus she eats chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and calls them the Breakfast of take that Wheaties.
5.    Coined the phrase "sweater puppies".  Okay I don't know if that is true, but I had never heard it before she wrote I am giving her the credit for that one.
4.    Believes that housework is the mark of the devil.
3.    Can be counted on in the event you would ever need help disposing of a body.
2.    Thinks Daniel Craig is

And the number one reason to follow her is 

1.     She makes snark look good

So you know the drill...give me someone...anyone that I should be following.  I'm waiting.  


Karla Nellenbach said...

I already follow her "badass" self (notice how I put badass in air quotes? hehehe) and FYI: you can also find her blog by searching Reality Boobs ...just saying

as for #FF...hmmm...I'd say @hannahmosk writer of one of my fave books BREAK...she's also pretty entertaining :)

Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss kelly!
i went to see miss linda and did a comment for her. shes sooo funny. today shes just asking a question. why? ha ha. me and her follow each other.have a real happy halloween weekend.
...halloween hugs from lenny

Linda G. said...


Wait! Badasses don't blush. That's, um, sunburn. Yeah, that's right. Sunburn.

Aww. I'm honored. Truly. But I didn't coin "sweater puppies"--I'm pretty sure I picked it up from Tawna Fenske (who is my follow suggestion for you, if you're not already following her). If I didn't get it from Tawna, I'll blame her anyway. We have this agreement: everything is her fault.

Oh, and since I see Mr. Lenny has posted a comment, I feel I should mention: smoking is bad! Bad, bad, bad! Don't do it. The cigar in my pic is, um, just there for the atmosphere.

Aside to Karla -- aha! So you're the one who keeps googling "reality boobs." Gotcha. ;)

Thanks, Kelly. Especially for that pic of Mr. Hot Stuff himself. Yum!

abby mumford said...

linda is the cats pajamas. (or it it cat's pajamas?) (or cats' pajamas?) either way, she rocks, and i'm happy to be a follower of hers.

Candyland said...

I *loves* me some L.G...

Elizabeth Ryann said...

So true. She's the "badass" bee's knees.

Jan Rider Newman said...

Oh, boy, those are ten good enough reasons for me! Going over there right now.

Piedmont Writer said...

Love love love Linda!!!

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Linda is awesome! Good call! ;)