Friday, October 22, 2010

In Preparation of the Weekend

Yesiree, today is Friday and can I get an Amen!

I know right?  This has been a long one even though it has moved by at the speed of light.  First we planned a major vacation for our twenty year anniversary, thank you very much.  Next we got our Xmas shopping done.  Thank God that is over!  Than there was a special Birthday in the Blogersphere to celebrate this week for Mr. Lenny Lee.  And finally yesterday we capped it off with the latest of the Book Hungry Club reviews.  So today I am a little tired.

But not too tired.  I did find a video to share with you guys.  Cause that's the way I roll.  I love this one.  So enjoy.  

And we have a winner from yesterdays entries.  The Book of Beauty goes to:

Drum Roll Please...

Michele Shaw...check out her blog here.

Congrats Michele.  Just DM message me via twitter with your address and I will get it mailed out to you ASAP!  And look at that win a prize and get a plug for your Blog.  How cool am I?

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy.

2010 E*Trade Baby Out Takes...cracks me up every single time.


Linda G. said...

Ha! Love that video. :)

Also, AMEN!

abby mumford said...

it's friday, AMEN!!

Candyland said...

I love the ETrade babies!!!!

Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss kelly! ha ha that video is sooooo funny. heres an "AMEN" just for you. thanks for helping make my birthday the best ever.
i hope you have a real nice weekend.
...hugs from lenny

Susan Fields said...

Love that video - I'm still smiling. :) Thanks for sharing!

Hallie said...

Those are our favorite commercials! Thanks for sharing...have a great weekend dear Kelly!

Alyson Peterson said...

YAY for Michele! Have a great weekend Kelly.

LReneeS said...

Have a great weekend, Kelly. (Though I'm a bit late to say that now I guess...) Well enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

And hey, Kelly....Since you're already following the Magicians series blog do you think you could just help me spread the work. Thanks so much hon<3333