Monday, October 4, 2010

Stop: Smell the Roses

Okay, its official.

October is here.

Growing up it heralded in the season of holidays.  That is how we thought of it. Growing up in Maryland the trees would have already lost their leaves, and wood smoke would be perfuming the air regularly.  Living in the south it is a little different.  Some of the trees do lose their leaves, but for the most part the main change is the grass goes from green to brown.  Backyard fire pits are big here and the smell of burning wood is more pronounced this time of year but not anything like it was where I grew up.

I only think about missing the idea of seasons for a moment or two before I remember snow.  Personally I don't have anything against snow.  It is lovely.  From inside the house sipping hot tea snuggled up in a fleece throw.  Outside freezing my lady parts off - not so much.  Before the hubs and I moved to the south we lived in Alaska.  I didn't even know what cold was until we lived there.

Once it was time to move again (ah, Navy life) my only plea was no more snow.  Since the hubs was in complete agreement it didn't take him long to decide where he wanted to relocate to.  He had me at Florida.  All I could think of was sun, sun, and more sun.  I didn't even care that the state was overrun with retirees.  I just wanted warmth.

But now October has officially arrived and it is time to start getting ready for the next holiday season.  Every year they seem to start just a little earlier than the one before.  (Lowe's already has Xmas decorations out.)

So as I bid farewell to summer and or at least the warmer version of it and hello to that season of in between I have to wonder why time seems to keep moving faster and faster.  Or maybe it's just me.  Okay, I am going to stop and smell the roses today.  I promise.  Let's just hope I can find some.



Karla Nellenbach said...

See now, I love the change in seasons, and it's the one thing I really miss now that i live in the land of eternal sunshine. That said, I hate that even though I live in a place where there really is no change besides the grass going from green to burnt ass brown, is that my neighbor is the only person in all of FLORIDA who owns a maple tree and it sheds its ugly ass dead leaves in my yard ALL THE TIME!!! Hello? When I left the north I thought I'd never have to rake leaves again. Boy, was I wrong.

How'd you like that long-winded rant? :)

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Hee hee! I can relate to this! I used to love fall, but hated what it foreshadowed. I do miss fall, but I do NOT miss winter. So I'll take the trade off. It has cooled off slightly here in NE FL, and we are taking advantage. Eating dinner outside. Visiting the zoo.

We do get a change of seasons here, but it is subtle and short. I describe our weather like this: December is fall, January is winter, February is spring and the rest of the year is summer! :)

Linda G. said...

Here in Northern VA, all the seasons seem to be about the same length. None of them wear out their welcome. After growing up in Texas, I appreciate that. :)

Kelly Breakey said...

I don't miss the seasons. Okay, not a lot. Snow is nice as long as I go somewhere else to see it and I never, EVER have to shovel it again.