Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Another one of my earlier works

This one is from a story I have not finished about a reunion ten years after high school.  I had a theme with them for a while but I didn't finish this one. 

Kelsey pulled smoothly up to the curb and cut the engine.  She marveled that the house still looked the same.  Ten years and while the paint was a little more faded the gardens in front were still as spectacular as ever.  The simple A frame reminded her of days sitting on the front porch or playing hop scotch on the sidewalk.  

Shifting her eyes a little to the left she couldn't help but look at the house next door.  It had represented so much to her before high school.  Her best friend had lived there then.  She had always had dinner with Scott and his family on Thursday's because that was when Mrs. Raynor made lasagna and while Gram hadn't much cared for it, Kelsey loved it.  Especially Mrs. R's.  

Taking a deep breath she took in both houses one last time before she turned back toward the car.  Two steps later the sound of a voice from the past stopped her.  It wasn't coming from the house but from the man leaning on the dark blue luxury sedan across the street.  "You are a little late you know.  The reunion was almost two months ago.'

Scott Raynor.  The bane of her existence most of her life.  Best friends until the ninth grade and then arch enemies until they bid each other adieu after their senior year when they left for college.  

He looked good.  Okay, he looked better than good.  But she wasn't going to think about that.  Sometimes life just wasn't fair.  How could he have seriously gotten better looking?

Stepping off the curb, Kelsey stopped and took him in.  "Well I don't see a beer gut, so I am thinking the football thing worked for you at FSU."  Which she very well knew because even though she was studying at Yale, she had kept track of every move he made on the field.  And when he helped take his team to two national championships back to back she hadn't missed a second of either.

Smiling, because it was good to see her, even if she had driven him crazy all through their growing up years, he started across the street and stopped in the middle.  "Well you aren't looking too pale from spending all your time in doors so I am thinking you may have made it out of the library."  Actually she looked as far from pale as you could get and too damn good for his piece of mind.

Her hair had darkened since they had last seen each other and her body had filled out in all the right places.  She was casual in jeans and a Yale sweatshirt, but the watch at her wrist glinted gold in the sun and the studs in her ears softly spoke of her success.

"Oh I get back there every once in a while." 

Chuckling he came to stand in front of her.  "As I said, you missed the reunion.  I was a little sad, because I so expected you to show up and kick my ass with all your wordly accomplishments."

"Sorry I was in Australia over seeing the completion of a building design."  Okay so that was maybe stretching it a little bit, she was in Australia, doing mostly grunt work for one of the partners in the firm she worked for, but not for long.  She was willing to put in the back breaking hours to make herself a success in her chosen field.  "Looks like you are doing pretty good for yourself" she said giving a pointed look at his BMW.  

Scott felt the smile form.  "Unfortunately for you, those high school predictions didn't pan out."  Pointing to his knees he added, "Both knees got me all the way through school where I graduated, with a pretty good GPA."

Neither one of them would ever forget their fiery blow up at the start of their senior year.  During a class assembly regarding life after college an impromptu debate had sparked a lively discussion turned train wreck when the former best friends had gone at each other like two dogs fighting over a bone.  All of this taking place while the rest of their classmates watched on in facsinated horror.

Falling easily back into their pattern she asked, "What? They give out degrees in football now?  Or is that only at the jock schools."

Shaking his head, Scott tsked and told her, "No my degree was in pre-law with a follow up at Georgetown Law School after which I did successfully pass the bar."

Kelsey felt her chest expand with pride.  So what if she really didn't have the right, she couldn't help it.  Her big dumb jock had done it and she was proud.  Leaning in she grabbed him in a hug around the neck and laughed, "Scott that is awesome.  I am so proud of you.  Somehow I always knew you would beat the odds."

Okay, that's all for today.  Of course there is more, but I didn't want to give you guys too much.  What do you think?


Karla Nellenbach said...

I think I really want to know more about this big blow up in high school and why they went from being best buds to archenemies. nice snip! :)

Kelly Breakey said...

Okay, just for you I will post that part of the story next week. Keep in mind that I wrote this a while ago. But the blow up was fun to write and while I was reading it last night it did have me laughing out loud.

Patty Blount said...

Woo hoo! What happens to Scott & Kelsey? Do they get back together? Do they, huh? HUH?

Michele Shaw said...

I like me some sexual tension, Kelly. I'll be back to read what's next!!

abby mumford said...

i think you should give us more.


thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do love a dumb-jock lawyer! I'm with Karla--I want to know more about the blow-up back in high school.

Linda G.

(For some reason, Blogger isn't letting me comment under my own name.)

A. S. Boudreau said...

I really like it! I too want more. I like the build up of tension. :) I want to know what caused the blow up.

Kelly Breakey said...

Ok I am going to keep working on this one. I will share the early part that I have already written but there were things that are so glaringly wrong that I need to fix. Thanks for the love ladies.

Anonymous said...

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