Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet Charlie

For starters, I want to apologize. This post was scheduled to go up on Monday, but since I am a total dumb ass when it comes to blogger and didn't.  I took a couple of days off to regroup and re-energize with the hubs and one of our agreements when we take off is no outside contact at all.  Which of course includes all of you guys.  So I apologize in advance for missing three days of blog post.  No, I am not going to add them all today, instead I will just be happy that I am three days ahead in postings.

Our weekend was awesome.  Mainly because it didn't not go exactly the way I had planned.

Normally we decorate the house up big for the trick-or-treaters and have just as much fun as the kinds coming around and bargaining for candy.  This weekend it didn't work out quite the way we planned it.

Oh, we made our friends annual Halloween Party and had a great time, but during the party I stepped outside to help with the traffic jam, that had become her driveway.  While I was trying to help a crossfire not get crushed by a ram a kitten came out from under some bushes to talk to me.  

Now with three of them at home I was not interested in the least to add to our family at this time.  Or at least that is where my thinking started until he stretched up on his back paws begging for a lift.  There was something about this little one that tugged at my heart strings.  More than usual.  

He followed me to the house and I finally gave in and picked him up.  I even tried to introduce him to Captain Kid, but he was having none of that.  Sadly I left him on the porch of my friends home and went back to join the party.  

Originally we had planned to stay the night, but at the last minute we decided she really did have a full house and going home would work better for us.  Since hubs had not imbibed we were good to leave.  I changed from awesome Demon Costume (pictures to come) and packed up our stuff to head out to the truck.  

Imagine my surprise when I arrived outside and found kitty standing by the front tire of our truck waiting.  I swear he was waiting.  Just standing there and when we approached he started to do the happy dance.  You know the one.  He purred and started winding himself between my legs so naturally I had to lean over and pick him up for a cuddle before we left.  Hubs packed up the truck and even opened my side door.  I sat the little guy on the ground after sadly explaining we were not ready to increase the size of our family.  Turning away to grab my purse off the back of the truck he immediately made himself at home and jumped right up into the truck.

Startled, with a laugh, I removed him back to the ground where we played this game twice more.  After the third time it was up to hubs to remove him from the truck.  Now the one thing I can say for the Captain is he is just as much of a sucker as I am.  This little on had hopped up onto the center console and was rubbing his head up against hubs shoulder with a purr loud enough to wake the dead.  Hubs looked at the cat, looked at me, looked at the cat and said, "Shit!"  

And that is how Charlie came to be added to our family.  Hey everyone...Meet Charlie.


Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Hello Charlie! Hee hee! Our cat's name is R.T. It stands for Ruby Tuesdays. My hubby found him in the parking lot there as a stray kitten. Couldn't leave him there and brought him home to "find" him a home. Guess who's still here over five years later? ;)

Btw, I can never get Blogger's scheduling feature to work for me.

Karla Nellenbach said...

Aww...well,isn't he just the cutest thing? Congrats on the newest addition to your family :)

abby mumford said...

charlie's beautiful. he looks just like my first (childhood) cat, tiger.

a good breed, those tabby cats.

Linda G. said...

Awww. Charlie is gorgeous. :)

Jessica Bell said...

Aw, that's great! Give Charlie a big smooch from me! I had a cat named Charlie when I awas little .... ah such fond memories.


Lenny Lee! said...

hi charlie!! oh and you too miss kelly. ha ha. i love that story cause its real feel good stuff and you could just know thats how it was sposed to be. charlie looks just real happy at his new home. it real nice that you added one more cool cat to your home.
...hugs from lenny

Candyland said...

What a sweet kitty! And good for you for shutting out the world to connect with your love:)

Patty Blount said...

So sweet! Sending virtual kitten chow...

Alyson Peterson said...

Awww! He's sweet! Congrats on having a kitty find you. He obviously knows where to find a perfect home.

Kelly Breakey said...

Elizabeth: I am so glad to know I am not the only one who can't get the scheduling feature to work for me. I feel better knowing that.

Karla: We really are suckers but thanks for the congrats.

Abby: He reminded me of one of mine from childhood too. We called him Stud. Seriously. My sister picked it out.

Linda: Charlie says Thanks.

Jessica: Charlie is a lover and not a fighter so giving him the smooch for you was easy. He purred the whole time.

Lenny: You are right. That is exactly how it was supposed to be. Even though my hubs fought it the whole time.

Candy: Have a shut-in was really good for so many ways. (wink..wink)

Patty? We got the chow.

Alyson: Yeah, I think he took one look at me and thought, "that's her. I am supposed to live with her." Either that or he saw the big sucker tattooed across my forehead.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love how supportive all of you are and Charlie thanks you too!