Monday, November 15, 2010

Reconnecting...New meaning for giving thanks

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near we are spending a lot of time getting the house ready.  We have been doing this for the past two weekends.  Mucking out old stuff, reorganizing cramped storage spaces and freshening up our place.

It's for one main reason, beside the whole Kelly is a cleaning Nazi.  We have a old friend coming to visit.  He will be here for a week, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

You should know we are not the type of people who think holidays should only be spent with family.  Being in the Navy, you learn that family can grow and take on new meaning and we have certainly broadened ours with the friends we have made.

Captain Kid and I have not seen Tatum in almost nineteen years.  Wow, what long time.  I wonder how different he will be.  I wonder how different we will seem to him.  We had plenty in common back in the day, but will that carry over to now?

Scott spent every holiday at our place when we were stationed in Okinawa.  He didn't live too far from us, but shared a house with room mates.  This made us ideal for him as we were within walking distance and I love to cook and did so quite often.

Having Tatum over was never a hard ship and he was always welcome.  When we left Okinawa we went on to Alaska and he went back to the states after he was discharged from the Navy.  Life took us in two completely different directions and through fate and a social networking site, we reconnected all of these years later.

We picked up right where we left off and when he called to tell us he would be in New Orleans the weekend before Thanksgiving it didn't seem odd to us at all to extend the invitation for a visit.  He will be here for a week, but staying at the beach.  

I am looking forward to renewing this old acquaintance and my husband is thrilled that he is getting to reconnect with one of his best friends.  I wonder if there is any etiquette for this type of situation, besides cocktails, that is.  Well for Scott, I will have plenty of Corona on hand, his drink of choice.

As I sat down to write this posting I started to think about the things I have to be grateful for this year and I am especially giving thanks that I will get to spend the holiday with Scott.  Plus I get to show off my mad cooking skills which have greatly improved since Japan.
When was the last time social networking offered you a great surprise and do you guys have any advice, words of wisdom, etc. you care to share?


Linda G. said...

What fun! I had a friend I from elementary school find me on Facebook--that was a real blast from the past.

Jeannie Moon said...

This is such a nice post. I love how social networking has brought old friends back into my life. Over last spring and summer I reconnected with a number of my high school classmates. We had a great reunion this past summer.

My biggest joy is getting back in touch with former students. I love hearing from them and seeing where they've landed. I'm as proud of them today as the day I watched them graduate.

Heather P said...

Hi Kelly
How wonderful for you both that you get to see your friend again after so many years. The best part about it is that if the friendship is true, then you won't have any problems getting going again. You don't need particular etiquette. I'm so thankful in my own situation that we have family coming to see us from Halifax in January so we will wait to have Christmas with them. We have a guest room so they'll stay with us for most of the time. I am thrilled! Have a great time!!

LReneeS said...

Lovely post, Kelly:) Hmmm, I can't say really sadly all that many social networking sites have brought out something fabulous like this. A while ago I emailed a friend of mine from middle school and we started catching up, but that's nothing major because now he hasn't emailed me for months:O

I guess the social networking I'm must thankful for is inkpop, blogger, and Write Here. I love being able to connect with other people who share the same interests as me. I've met some fabulous people --such as yourself--because of blogger and so forth.

Hope your Thanksgiving goes well, Kell.

abby mumford said...

that is so cool! i love the internet, bringing together friends old and new.

happy thanksgiving, indeed!

Alyce said...

Very nice looking friend you have there.

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