Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The one where I had to give it up....Literally

I have a confession to make.

Yesterday I did something I have not done in three years. 

I went to the dentist.  I am embarrassed to say it has been three years and I have no excuse.  Well I guess in a pinch I could tap my blogger/twitter buddy @linda_grimes for an excuse.  She is the queen of explanations. 

The bottom line is that my particular dentist stopped taking the insurance I was on three years ago and while we knew we needed our regular check-ups it just got easier to not find a new dentist that did.  Now I am just peeved at myself, because I paid for the insurance and just didn't use it. 

Well this year we found out our dentist is on the insurance we currently have so I made an appointment to get in and get cleaned up.

Before I went I brushed, flossed and deodorized with mouthwash because that is just how I roll.  My hygienist congratulated me on how great my teeth looked since it had been three years and I had not cheated on Dr. T. in all that time.  (They thought that was so funny.  I thought that just showed laziness on my part for not wanting to find another dentist.  In my defense, I love mine.  He has a great bedside manner and he is always so cheerful.)

During the exam my hygienist Vicky, who I am always impressed with, asked me what kind of toothpaste and mouthwash I was using.  They ask me this question each and every time I go and I know how they feel about the abrasive toothpastes I prefer so you know what I do right?  Yep you got it, I lie.  Now how freaking pathetic is that?  My mouth looks great, my gums are healthy, no cavities and I feel like I am sitting in the principals office being grilled for cutting class when they start in on the questions. 

That spotlight they use to see into your mouth is suddenly blaring in my eyes and for whatever reason I am hearing a thick accent telling me she has ways of making me talk. 

In the end I crack.  I always do.  I think this is almost like a game.  I get instructed on what I should be using versus what I am using and why.  After that ten minute lecture when I start rethink my high regard of Vicky I am finally excused to go home. 

Of course last night I promised myself I will start using the sonic toothbrush again, even though I like my regular one.  I promised myself to let the whitening toothpaste going, even though it makes my teeth sparkle and I promised to change from my heavy duty mouth wash to one that is more sensitive to my gums.

Yeah, I was depressed after that too.  What have you been forced to do lately, that you know will be better for you, but is killing you to give up?  And Patty...don't say chocolate. 


Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss kelly! im glad you got sparkly clean white teeth. if what youre doing makes your teeth stay so good maybe you should keep doing it. its like trying to change up how you write cause someone said you should. it could end up more worse for you. so far i didnt have to give up stuff. mostly i get told not to eat so much peanut butter cups. yikes! id go crazy if i had to give those up. ha ha.
...hugs from lenny

Karla Nellenbach said...

dude, i haven't been to the dentist in forever, more than a little nervous to go back. i can just see them shaking their heads in disappointment while telling me that i have a mouthful of cavities that will require six root canals, three dozen (bakers dozens of course) extractions and a possible fitting for dentures. :(

Samantha Vérant said...

Dentists are not the anti-christ. Three years? Woman, you have to get ready for author photos! Right?

abby mumford said...

i am obsessed with teeth. it's weird, i know, but there's nothing quite like a sparkly white smile.

but yes, like you, i had to give up my whitening toothpaste recently because of tooth sensitivity. i'm using sensodyne which is a miracle worker, but doesn't taste as good as my normal stuff. but for the health of my teeth, i had to stop...

wahhh. i miss it.

Candyland said...

I'm with Abby. I LOVE white teeth to a fault. Lying at the dentist's office? Never done that before...

Linda G. said...

Hey, you didn't go to the dentist for THREE YEARS, and you still had clean teeth and no cavities? You must be doing something right. No excuse needed. :)

Amy DeTrempe said...

I was supposed to go to the dentist last week and just needed to cancel. I am a chicken even though it is never horrible now, it was as a child and part of me is afraid I will end up back there again.