Monday, March 11, 2013

Unauthorized my ass

While I was messing around on the blog this weekend trying to embed a slideshow I learned that my blog has been down to the public. Major fail on my part.

I am so sorry.  I have been posting, but you have not been seeing.  So here is a recap of the blogs I have written since I came out of my self-imposed black out. 

Send by Patty Blount 

Always and Forever by Karla Nellanbach


Soup - it's good for you.

Sometimes it's the little things

Social Media - How do you keep it all straight

22 Year's Strong
We didn't get the tattoo's this weekend b/c of the Captain's insane work schedule but I have a promise that it will be either this week or over the weekend.  So excited.

Much Ado is a Must See


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