Thursday, March 28, 2013

New NurseryCar Winner

So in honor of my recent NASCAR NurseryCar win...

Yesterday I went to a large nursery to get some ideas for planting in my back yard.  This particular nursery is pretty cool because it covers quite a few acres and they have these little motorized golf carts you can use to drive around in order to see the different plants.

Yesterday's visit was particular exciting for me since the hubs was at work.  I got to drive the golf cart.  Woot!  Yeah, your getting the excitement in real time.  

It was heady.  Really, really exhilarating. I can't explain what happened, but once I put the pedal to the medal there was some short circuit between my brain and my common sense.  Suddenly I was channeling Danica Patrick and taking the corners as if I were on rails.  (For you non NASCAR fans that means on two wheels.  I don't even know how I know that, I just know.)

We were flying over the grovel pathways and I may have screamed something along the lines of "Danica Patrick can suck it."  Yes, it was lady like.

There were a couple of older ladies that may or may not have been shaken at the end of the race, er, I mean the end of our search.  But as I explained to them rubbing a little paint is not illegal.  It may be frowned upon, but nobody tapped her.  And let me tell you she put up a ruckus about that.

Okay, so I called "winner" when I crossed the imaginary finish line.  But that's only because I won.  I don't care what the 13 year I was neck and neck with claimed.


Linda G. said...

LOL! Now, that's how to start any landscaping task!

abby mumford said...

agreed. what linda said. :)