Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Costa Rica...Land of the Hummingbird

Last July the hubs and I got to go abroad.  Something we had not done in quite a while.  

We spent about four months planning this trip and let me tell you something...the planning paid off.  We had one of the most memorable, soul cleansing, friendship bonding experiences.  

We stayed in a Villa that had a built in pool off of one of the master suites.  Yes, you heard that right.  One of the master suites.  On our last day of the trip before we headed home to our own, more Americanized version of paradise we spent the day at Monte Verde.  Green Mountain.  

It was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen.  We got to walk through a rain forest.  There was a moment going over one of the many suspension bridges that I looked over to the Captain and said, "Were in a freaking jungle.  How cool is that?"  

We both took a moment to soak it in.  It was absolutely amazing.  I also got some great photos from the trip and wanted to share a couple with you.  One of the many attractions they offered was their hummingbird garden.  Since you are in the clouds anyway, rain was guaranteed.  But we didn't care, because we were so entertained by the vision of the hummingbirds.  Well, here just look for yourself.

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abby mumford said...

ooh, hummingbirds! so delicate. so beautiful. so fierce.