Friday, September 16, 2011

TGIF: Things that make me go hmmmmmm

Self Portrait Celebrating Friday
It's Friday and I am rejoicing.  I swear, at least on the inside.  I know you are looking at the self portrait I have attached and thinking to yourself: "Girl, you need to get out more."  Or less, depending on your perspective.  I think I went a little heavy on the eyeliner. 

Just so you know I have been waiting for this day to get here all week. 

Sometimes on Friday I find myself wondering why the world is the way it is.  Go figure.

For example, why does Friday always, and I mean ALWAYS come after Thursday?  Because I don't know if you've noticed this, sometimes Thursday resembles the date from hell.  Usually a blind one at that.  He takes his own sweet time showing up.  What's that all about?  And once he arrives, he settles in like he's planning on spending the night.  I don't think so.  By the time you do get rid of this guy, you're so stressed out you can't even enjoy Friday.  Well, at least not until 5:00. 

These are things I wonder about.

I don't know why we can't get the days of the week to mix themselves up.  You know, one week it could go Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  And the next week maybe Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It would definitely keep me on my toes. 

I wonder if I should write my Congressmen about this?

Something to think about.


abby mumford said...

things i ponder: why does the monday dragon show up on days other than monday?!?!

and re: that picture. it must take you forever to brush your teeth!

Linda G. said...

Dude, that's a scary picture.