Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Growing Up is Hard to Watch

Yesterday, I had one of those crap moments.  You know the one...

"Damn, I'm old"

Yesterday one of my favorite people had a birthday.  And for the entire day I told myself he turned 19.  I was wrong.  He turned 20.  He is also currently serving in the Unites States Air Force.

Now to put this into perspective for you I have know Bubba since the beginning.  And yes he hates that nickname.  But for me he will always be our Bubba.

I met his folks when we were stationed in Alaska.  His mother and I are were very close.  Still are.  Our friendship has seen us through some ups and downs.  But he was a light for me and the Captain.

Where we were stationed at there was only one fast food restaurant.  A Mickey D's.  He loved it.  I could get him all riled up by just popping in and asking if he wanted to go.  He would laugh, he had the best laugh.  And he would run around the living room for me to catch him in order to get him into his layers so we could go outside.  After all it was Alaska.

The Captain had a brand new black Jeep Comanche and Bubba loved that truck.  It was the only one like it on the Island so whenever he saw it he knew we were close.  He also loved "driving" it.  So we would get into the truck and he would climb on my lap and "drive" us to the restaurant.  He would giggle every time "he" put the truck into gear. 

This has been one of my most cherished memories. 

And as I learned yesterday, one of his.

Totally made my day!


Patty Blount said...

I've said it before... nothing shows the passage of time more clearly than a baby. It's mind-boggling how fast they become adults.

My first-born is 19 now. Commercials are airing right now for a special two-week-only showing of The Lion King.

It was the first movie I ever took him, too.

I burst into happy proud tears when I remembered that.

abby mumford said...

one of my favorite things about memories is reliving them with the people involved. it's so fascinating the way we remember something vs. how someone else remembered it. and the best is when the same memory is cherished by all who were there.

i'm so glad you had a little bit of sunshine yesterday!

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss kelly! your post got a smile on my face cause i know how memories could do that. i got a bunch that get me smiling and on days im not feeling so good i think bout them and then i feel lots better.
...hugs from lenny