Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do you Diary?

Do you diary?

In all of my life I have never felt compelled to write about my day.  Which is odd to me.  After all of this time I wonder why that is.  I mean I can wax poetic about storms, or even about great books that I've read.  Yet, in all that time I've never felt the need to turn my musings inward and examine myself that way.  All that changed in the beginning of September when I decided that for a year I'm going to journal.  So far, so good.  Yeah, I know it's only been a month but it's not as hard to keep up as I had originally thought. 

Something to be happy about.

It's definitely not as hard as blogging everyday because I don't have to be politically correct when I look inward.  If the Captain's been a little less than his stellar self, I can be honest there.  After all it's for no one's eyes but my own. 

The biggest thing that I realized is that journaling is very cathartic.  And it has really helped me work through some trying times.  As I said before, September has been a sad month for us here.  But, last night the Captain pointed out that even though its been hard, my rallying skills are getting better.  I can only contribute that to being able to let it all out between the pages. 

Each evening I take twenty minutes to clear my thoughts before I put pen to paper or in this case fingers to keyboard.  Plus, I've given myself permission to write whatever I want while including pictures, stickers and other fun things that gives it a decided kellified look. 

So what's next you ask?  I think I need a theme song.


abby mumford said...

i do not diary, but a couple of years ago, for a full year, i kept track of 5 things i was grateful for each day. it was an eye opening experience and one that helped to change me from a negative thinking person to a positive one. it was one of the best gifts i ever gave myself. learning how to focus on the positive.

may your diary experiment be as fruitful as mine was. :)

Patty Blount said...

First, I thought you said 'dairy'.

Now that I know you actually said 'diary', I have to admit, I keep falling off the wagon.

I journaled daily when my sons were born for the first several years of their lives, so that they could (hopefully) understand how deeply they were loved from the moment the sticks turned pink.

And I love Abby's suggestion to find some positive things each day. I will give that a try. But one thing I often do is not a diary, but a daily writing exercise. I'm pretty geeky about notebooks. I LOVE cracking open a brand new one and filling those empty pages. So I tried imagining that every day - just wrote a story idea. Most of them go absolutely no where but it is still fun filling that brand new empty page.

Mohamed Mughal said...

I don't diary, but I find that much of my fiction somehow becomes a form of diary, a cathartic release of the pains and pleasures of my life.