Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A kangaroo walked into a bar...

I have decided to take a walkabout. 

For those who don't know what that is let me explain.  A walkabout refers to a rite of passage in which you undergo a journey where you live in the wilderness  while communing with nature and getting in touch with your spiritual side.  (I may or may not have just adjusted this definition to suit my own needs today.)

Now, I know what you are thinking.

What you talkin' bout?  (I just heard that in Gary Coleman's voice too.)

Seems I need to spend some time communing with nature and getting in touch with said spiritual side. 


So, in the true tradition of my people.  No wait, that's the Aborigine and I'm Irish.  If I was following in the true path of my ancestors it would include a couple of pints of Guinness and no walk in the woods.  Well, I guess they could have had a walkabout in the woods after they consumed too many pints.  Hey, I might be on to something here. 

I can just go to the Irish pub here.  Have a couple of pints, wonder around for awhile and hope that divine inspiration will strike.  Wait!  It just did. 

There are no bathrooms in the wilderness.  Okay, that settles that.  I will just stick to the pub and the pints.  That's right, pints.  Plural.  I guess if I take the long way back and forth to the ladies room that could kind of count as a walkabout?  Right? Maybe?

Hey, it's my spiritual journey.


abby mumford said...

HA. taking the long route to the bar's bathroom. a spiritual journey INDEED.

good luck!

Linda G. said...

Well, I guess they call it a SPIRITual journey for a reason. May the spirits be good to you. ;)

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I believe it's VERY important to honor the traditional paths of our ancestors. You should have some Harp, too. Just to be safe.