Friday, July 22, 2011

Yeah, its what?

Today is Friday and all I got it...Thank you God!

Have a great weekend everybody!

I searched for a video to express how I feel and I couldn't find one.  So since I want to get the party started and was in the mood for a little teenage dream I am pulling this one out of the archives.

Or at least I was until I found out the video was no longer available.  What the f...?

I didn't think Friday could suck, boy was I wrong. 

So I have the music turned up really loud and Darren Criss is singing teenage dream...unfortunately I can't share with you guys today. 

From me to you...hope your Friday is fairing a little better.


Linda G. said...

Even Fridays aren't always the best. Hope your weekend is better! :)

abby mumford said...

this just means you have to supply the tunes, lyrics, and dance moves. good times!

chin up. the weekend will be better. :)

cnelady said...

Just the memory of him performing that made me smile. Thanks for the TGIF