Friday, July 29, 2011

This is one you'll Flip for...

Every once in a while something happens and you ask yourself a question.


That happened to me last night. 

The new version of blogger decided to un-follow me from all the blogs I had been following.  

Every. Single. One.

This in turn forced me to find a solution to the problem.  Yes, I could have just run back and re-followed every blog I had previously been un-followed from.  And don't get me wrong I did immediately do that with a few.  The ones that were currently stuck in my head.  But I realized that could take all night.  

Instead I got on my trusty iPad and started playing around with an app I already downloaded called Flipboard.  I liked this app before yesterday, but after my mini-melt down last night I think I kicked like to the curb and fell head over heels in love.  With an app no less.  

As a self proclaimed tech loving geek I feel no shame in admitting this.

Here's the description from the iPad store:

Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos, videos, and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr, and Instagram. See your social media in a magazine layout that is easy to scan and fun to read. Catch up on the latest stories, videos and posts from popular publications and people such as National Geographic, The New Yorker, Wired, Rolling Stone, Oprah, Forbes, Robert Scoble, and Brain Pickings' Maria Popova. Share articles and photos, comment on posts, and like or favorite anything. Customize your Flipboard with sections created from your favorite news, people, blogs, and topics.

Your Flipboard is everything you care about in one place. It's your magazine. It's your Flipboard.

And keep in mind.  This one is Free!  If you have an iPad and don't have this app go and get it now.  If you don't have an, sorry. 
I was able to go back and through Google Reader add most of the blogs I was following and now I can browse the content in a much more streamlined and cleaner way.  Plus I caught some postings I had missed the first time around and yes I can even comment form this app.  The downsize is it doesn't show me following your blog; but I just wanted all of you to know I'm still here and I'm still reading your stuff.


Linda G. said...

I don't have an iPad. :(

So you're saying the only way I'll know for sure you're still following my blog is if you comment, yes? *raises eyebrows expectantly*

Michele Shaw said...

How cool! *runs to check Flipboard* Thanks for the tip! Blogger can be such a bugger. Boo!

Jamie D. said...

Hmm...wonder if there's an android version? I'll have to go check...that sounds very cool. :-)

abby mumford said...

i wonder too if there's an android version...... in the meantime, i too know what it's like to fall in love with an app. i've done it with springpad and wedmd.

good times.