Monday, July 25, 2011

Three really is a charm

Last week I was supposed to get my three monitors set up.  

I didn't. 

I needed a special video card or some such do-thingy that I didn't have.  Instead I had to wait another whole week while said do-thingy was ordered and delivered.

It came on Friday!


I was so psyched I couldn't wait for the Captain to get home and get it installed.  Well, I did wait.  So I guess that statement is a little misleading.  I mean, I didn't want to install it myself and since only the two of us live here (as much as I beg IT Guy, he won't move in).  I hate the hardware part of computers.  I'm much better with the software.

So Friday night the time arrived and the Captain did his job.  In the fairness of full disclosure I should admit that by the time he did get to it, I no longer cared that he was doing said install.  I was working my way through a bottle of wine and I was closer to the bottom of the bottle than the top.  
When he finished and couldn't make it work I called IT Guy who was MIA.  I had to wait until Saturday to get my three beauty's running right.  Not that the Captain didn't do a good job.  The computer could see the new monitor, it just wasn't recognizing it as part of my desk top.

Don't worry.  Don't anybody panic.  It's all working just fine now.  And see, I have the picture to prove it.

The side monitors are looking a little bright here because I haven't tweaked my settings, but overall I am really happy with this new set-up.  Plus it was about 1:30 AM Sunday morning when the I took the picture, that's why the room is so dark.

So what did you do on Saturday or should I say Sunday morning?


Linda G. said...

Looks like a lovely set-up to me! All's well that ends well. :)

My Saturday into Sunday was quite boring. Which suits me fine. I like boring. My life hasn't had enough of it lately.

Jessica Lemmon said...

Cool. What do you use the three monitors for - work? Fun? A bit of both? I "tagged" you on my blog, btw, did you see?

abby mumford said...

that's quite the fancy set up you've got there, my friend. productivity to the max!

Samantha Vérant said...

Now you can write three books at one time! When I was designing I had two monitors-- one for all the palettes/tools, one for the layout. It rocked!